C-peptide tests

By beachlvr Latest Reply 2012-03-11 17:28:13 -0500
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I recently saw a post about to get the most accurate results from the c-peptide test , how the night before testing the correct amount of carbs/ and insulin you should take. If anyone knows where I could go to find this article I would appreciate it.

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GabbyPA 2012-03-11 10:13:57 -0500 Report

Here are some discussions on it here. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions?query=c-peptide Perhaps one of these might have a hint to what you are looking for.

Here are some articles on it as well. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/news-articles?query=c-peptide
I hope they help

beachlvr 2012-03-11 17:28:13 -0500 Report

Thanks for replying. I went through the sites you sent and I didn't see what I was looking for. The article I saw said something about if you were taking the c-peptide test you should take less insulin and more carbs to get more accurate results. But I was in a hurry and didn't write down the site and now I can't find it again. I was only 3/4 of a point away of being able to get a pump from medicare. I do appreciate your help.

jayabee52 2012-03-04 10:00:08 -0600 Report

Perhaps the information might be found here ~ http://diabetes.webmd.com/c-peptide

beachlvr 2012-03-04 18:18:49 -0600 Report

Thanks for the site, but that wasn't it. It was a good site, but the one I saw was talking about you should not do something with your insulin and then do something else with your carbs. I know that sounds silly, but I can't remember exactly what it said that is why I am trying to find it again. I took the c-peptide test and I was 3/4 of a point over to being able to get the pump. Bummer! That was 6 months ago, don't know when they will test again. Thanks for the help.

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