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I just wanted to put this message out there because I have not been on the site for soooooo long. I wanted to apologize for not keeping in touch with you guys. I've missed you. Just seems there is always something popping up and I wish we had a chat room(hello database people????) because it would make things so much easier. I will be replying to my friends, but please add me as a friend. You can never have too many and I can't wait to see my endocrinologist next month because I was born Celiac, Type 2 Diabetes as of 2010 and recently Hypothyroidism. I'm a vegetarian and having trouble of what I should eat. Doctor is happy with my Diabetes numbers and I told him I even cheat, so there you are. So please contact me if you feel like it and I am going to reply to messages that are awaiting…Once again, I'm sorry for staying away for so long…Hugs…Robin

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