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This came to me in an email back in 2009. I thought I would pass it along and see if anyone has any comments or suggestions.


The most useless thing to do…worry

The greatest Joy…giving

The greatest loss…self respect

The most satisfying work…helping others

The ugliest personality trait…selfishness

The most endangered species…dedicated leaders

The greatest "shot in the arm"…encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome…fear

Most effective sleeping pill…Peace of Mind

The most crippling failure disease…excuses

The most powerful force in Life…Love

The most dangerous pariah…a gossiper

The world's most incredible computer…the brain

The worst thing to be without…Hope

The deadliest weapon…the tongue…

The two most power-filled words…"I can"

The greatest asset…Faith

The most worthless emotion…Self Pity

The most prized possession…Integrity

The most beautiful attire…a SMILE!!!!

The most powerful channel of communication…Prayer

The most contagious spirit…Enthusiasm

The most important thing in life…GOD

Everyone can use this list to live by…if it helps… pass it along!!!

I am not the originator or writer of the list although I like it, I in no way take credit for putting it together…as I said earlier it came to me in an email and I kept it because I liked it. I thought this might be something everyone might be interested in or might like to comment on. Thanks to all my friends at diabetic connect for giving me the chance to express myself.

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pixsidust 2012-02-29 10:19:14 -0600 Report

Not bad there are a few that could be tweaked
but not so far off what they are originally

Greatest thing to overcome besides fear is Rejection
That is something that shapes pain into people lives
for long after the rejecter is gone
It takes root in a person like nothing else does
We must rise up and learn how not to accept rejection
and affirm who we are…how we bring value
not to those who reject us but to those who accept us
Often the person rejected feels like they must grasp why
am I not good enough and they beat themselves
like a moth to a flame to the very person who hurts them.
That is destructive and burns the feeling
of not being good enough deep into them.
I like the bible analogy of pearls before swine
Swine will trample what is good and true about you
so never throw what is precious about you…your heart
before those who do not appreciate and love who you are.

Its nice to have you here…Sweet Tess