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As I'm sure was the case with many others, I used to use the insulin NPH when I was first diagnosed. I was extremely careful and diligent back then, perhaps because of my schedule being less busy as well as the shock of diabetes scaring me into being very diligent (this is of course what I still strive for, my numbers just aren't quite what they used to be).

I have wondered, however, if the insulin had something to do with it. It seemed so simple: eat 1 carb exchange for breakfast, 1 snack at 10 am, etc.

I have two questions: Is anyone still on NPH? and Did anyone experience a similar change in blood sugar readings after switching to Lantus or the pump?

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CALpumper 2008-05-15 11:53:10 -0500 Report

I started out on NPH then moved onto Lantus then the pump.
Changes in blood sugar? Oh yes.
It is an adjustment. It is not easy. I remember the carb/protein/fruit/fat exchanges. Now it is all about counting just carbs and adjusting my bolus of Humalog.

I wondered the same thing, if the type of insulin was one of the many factors in my unstable/non-balanced sugars.

As I got older I realized there are many more factors to consider.

Melissa Dawn
Melissa Dawn 2008-05-13 14:22:01 -0500 Report

I was on NPH for a long time, but I didn't have great success with it. I did a lot better with the Lantus (though I had some of my scariest moments on it) and even better now with the pump.