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Wow it's been a long time since I have been on here. I need help with losing weight. I did a really good job in the summer when I lost 14 pounds but I moved to Tennessee in august last year and I started to gain the weight back and I can't keep any weight off it's hard. Being 16 and sticking to a diet is hard at my age. So If anyone could help me in some way I would really appreciate it :) everybody on here has been a big help and has supported me ever since I joined like 1.5 years ago! Everybody on here is like a family to me and I love you! :)

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dkhalil 2012-02-26 17:12:16 -0600 Report

dont give up i know how it is to go up and down with trying to lose weight but you can do it stick to eating helthy foods and when it gets hard talk with somebody about it i know that it works

diabetesfree 2012-02-26 08:38:34 -0600 Report

I've found that watching educational videos on diet and health tend to make me more motivated to stay on my diet. If you can rent them locally, or watch on Netflix, I would highly recommend any videos by Dr. Gary Null. Some of the ones by Dr. Andrew Weil are pretty good as well. You can also find a lot of good clips from various Doctors and nutritionists on YouTube. These types of videos help to educate and motivate me when I am trying to stick to my diet. I'm sure that there are plenty of other videos and books that other people find inspiring as well. Best of luck!!!

Treelie 2012-02-25 22:58:34 -0600 Report

You being 16 and struggling makes me sad cause I just turned 36 and I know how much I am suffering.. I started something new and it's helping me it might be something you wanna try… I hate food that's good for you and I want to exercise but I'm too lazy however I found a game called Walk It Out for my Wii… I love it, it is fun and when your walking and opening new songs and places you forget your exercising.. Definitely worth a try if you have a Wii

Jeanae 2012-02-26 10:14:20 -0600 Report

Thank you for your post. I had just heard about it and was thinking of getting it. Now you sealed the deal! Thanks. Oh do you have a fitbit? It is a small device that you wear and it measures your steps, activities, calories burned… not only while you are active but also while you sleep. It is an eye opener. I know how many steps I walk when I actually walk. I had no idea how many steps I take daily or how many times I climb the stairs until I got this.

jayabee52 2012-02-26 10:18:51 -0600 Report

is this something separate from the Wii? Where may this fitbit be found?

Jeanae 2012-02-27 12:58:03 -0600 Report

I went on-line and ordered it. It is a tiny device that when I sleep fits on a wristband and when I am up and moving I store in my bra (sorry for being blunt). My husband wears his in his right hip pocket.

GabbyPA 2012-02-25 20:05:38 -0600 Report

While I do understand your desire to loose weight. The diet of a 16 year old who is still growing is different from those of us who have passed the age of needing to grow in any direction.

I would talk to your doctor and ask what they recommend. I know as an overweight person my whole life, it is not fun in the teen years, but you don't want to mess up your body functions with any weird diet. Stick to eating healthy and that will be your best bet.

Nikkigriff 2012-02-25 19:50:58 -0600 Report

I find that if I eat a healthy breakfast, which is usually the round natures own bread with and egg and ham and cheese I stay full well into the lunch hours, my BG levels are within range and I have a turkey breast sandwich on natures
Own whole wheat bread with a bit of mayo and cheese and some sort of meat for supper, usually grilled or baked with veggies sometimes whole wheat pasta or rice. I have lost over 10 lbs since December 27, 2011. I have to tell y'all , I am 35 years old just diagnosed with diabetes and I am on a blood thinner due to a blood clot I had 12 years ago and lost my left leg due to this, I am on synthroid because I no longer have a thyroid, and on cholesterol meds everyday. I found that by me sticking to my diet and monitoring my BG levels has helped me, I have not taking the metformin my doctor prescribed to me. I got next month for another A1C test and if my levels are within range she said info not have to start on the medicine!!
Just stick to a diet that works for you and do t give up! I'm in a wheelchair with weight loss odds stacked against me, my birth control shot sure doesn't help me to lose weight LOL

Jeanae 2012-02-25 19:06:02 -0600 Report

Ok since you are about the ago of my youngest daughter, this is what works for her. Get up in the morning and eat a healthy breakfast- for her it is an egg white fritatta loaded with sauted veggies. She packs some nuts for a healthy mid morning snack in between classes. She packs her lunch- lots of raw veggies with a dip made from Greek yogurt and seasonings like dill weed, parsley, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Fresh fruit slices and a couple of small pieces of cheese. She also takes a couple of whole grain crackers. Midafternoon snack when she gets home from school- either veggies or fruit or crackers and cheese- no more than 3 crackers and 1 piece of low fat string cheese. Healthy dinner which for us is chicken- boneless, skinless grilled or broiled. Veggies or a salad with balsamic vinegar as dressing. She will have 1/2 c brown rice or whole wheat pasta with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese. Dessert is usually a piece of grilled fruit with a small scoop of Greek Yogurt and a small drizzle of honey. Good luck. Oh and walk, walk, walk.

cmjapnea 2012-02-27 13:25:34 -0600 Report

Wow,this is a great eating plan for anyone! How do you have time to saute veggies for a frittatta on busy mornings and how do you make the frittata? please respond,thanks. Jeanae, you're an inspiration for us all.

Caroltoo 2012-02-25 20:41:02 -0600 Report

I am impressed with the healthy manner in which your daughter eats! You are teaching diabetes prevention at home. This is excellent role modeling, Jeanae!

Jeanae 2012-02-26 10:11:44 -0600 Report

Thank you! At first my teen agers were totally revolting with the new way I HAD to eat and cook. But now they have embraced it and have even converted their friends. So it has been wonderful. The other day my son was going to have some friends hang out, watch movies, play videos, and then spend the night. It was funny to listen to 18 and 19 yr old boys talking about healthy veggies on the grill, grilling fruit and drinking water that has cucumbers and limes in it instead of sodas.

GabbyPA 2012-02-26 10:33:38 -0600 Report

Oh, you have missed out my friend. Pineapple, Papaya, apples, pears...all of those and more are great with a touch from the grill.

Young1s 2012-02-25 19:00:44 -0600 Report

Hello Bieberfever21. You left before I joined so let me start by saying welcome back and nice to meet you.

I'm sure James sent you some helpful information and I hope you're able to adjust it to fit you. All I would say on top of that is try what worked for you the last time. Whatever parts of your diet and exercise plan that can be applied to your current situation would be a great start. And don't forget the importance of a good nights sleep too. Your body will need the time to rest and regenerate, especially if you're exercising more, in order to be able to keep up with your new routine. Hope this was helpful and good luck to you.

Harlen 2012-02-25 18:40:14 -0600 Report

It is hard at the best of times .
I keep raw veg onhand for the snacking that I know I will do
Best wishes

bieberfever21 2012-02-25 10:56:02 -0600 Report

If you are willing to share it with me I would really appreciate it!

jayabee52 2012-02-25 10:57:29 -0600 Report

OK Brandi, please watch your DC inbox for this to come momentarily.

suziesgirl 2012-02-25 17:23:51 -0600 Report

I am very interested in the diet you are following. I don't take meds, however the diet you follow seems to be working for you very well.

gwinivere 2012-02-25 17:37:51 -0600 Report

I am interested also when you have time. I fill as I always starve myself. My husband said I need to eat but if I do I gain. My BG stays ok if i eat very little.

jayabee52 2012-02-25 10:49:41 -0600 Report

Howdy Brandi Welcome back!

I had been carrying around 215 lbs when I moved back to Las Vegas in Dec 2010. I had been on insulin and wanted to get off of it. I started an "experement" in Feb 2011 and I was able to manage my Blood Glucose (BG) without any diabetes meds. I hadn't at the time even considered that it would affect my weight, but fortunately weightloss was a beneficial side effect. A year later I had lost 65lbs. My BG levels are close to normal, my last A1c was 5.5 and I am doing it without the use of ANY diabetes meds. It is a rather extreme menu plan, but I am willing to share it with you upon your request, Brandy

Let me know if this might be of interest to you.

And Brandi, please don't be a stranger! (I don't like the competition, 'cause I'm stranger than most!)

Blessings to you and yours

James Baker