Suggestions to keep Your Immune System Running!!

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1. Reduce stress-stress can weaken your body's way of fighting off illness. Take time to relax/enjoy your day is a top priority..
2. Build a strong support system around you - This has a big effect on your overall health and very important to do.
3. Stay positive- This gives you a healthy boost when you are optimistic- enables your immune system to be stronger. Try hard to let go of negative thoughts - this just hurts you.
4. Keep humor alive - good for overall attitude
5. Eat plenty of antioxidants like fruits/vegetables-choose different colors like;oranges, green peppers, brochili, strawberries, carrots and leafy greens.
6. Take vitamins like D3, B complex to insure healthy immune system.
7. Avoid processed foods like fast foods, snack foods, candy, cookies, sodas.
8. Keep your body moving - exercise is the best thing and is vital to your health.
9. Get a good night's sleep-without enough sleep your immune system does not have the resources to fight off illness.
10. Kick the nicotine and alcohol habit- just weakens your immune system.
11. Wash your hands frequently, especially when you return from shopping.
Anyone have more suggestions to add?

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