Cream of Wheat Take 3

Graylin Bee
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Started 2012-02-17 02:28:25 -0600

Well this time went much better then take 2. I was focused. Managed to take my BG every 15 minutes for 3 hours without forgetting what I was doing. Knew the carb/protein and serving sizes of food itms. Even was able to find where hubby had hidden measuring cups.
Same instant cream of wheat ( 19 carbs; 3 protein) with 2/3 c of almond milk ( carb; 0 protein) and 2 Tbsp of Splenda. I added 1 oz of whey powder (0 carbs; 8 Protein) and 1/4 c almonds (5 carbs, 6 protein). Cooked for 100 seconds in a Hello Kitty microwave with no boil over or finger pinching.
BG readings were:
5:15 PM - 90 Began prep of cream of wheat
5:50 PM- 82 Finished eating
6:05 PM - 97
6:20 PM - 111
6:35 PM - 115
6:50 PM - 117
7:05 PM - 125
7:20 PM - 129
7:35 PM - 113
7:50 PM - 108
8:05 PM - 105
8:20 PM - 116
8:35 PM - 97
8:50 PM - 83
Adding the whey powder and almonds kept the rise to 47 points as compared to 62 points without them during test 1.
Adding the protein kept my BG within the range recommended for non - diabetic from the below chart. So if I crave cream of wheat I think I will indulge.






*ADA: "Post-prandial glucose measurements should be made 1–2 hours after the
beginning of the meal, generally peak levels in patients with diabetes."

ADA = American Diabetes Assn. Joslin = Joslin Diabetes Center AACE= American
Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists Non-diabetic= ranges compiled from goals
of all agencies.

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hughsbayou 2012-02-19 11:11:23 -0600 Report

These numbers are practically in the normal range, so I'd stick with it. I found your post on take 2 and saw that your high was 176, but it was only brief. A quick spike is not to be worried about unless it goes to something like 250 and stays there. I've found this great cereal called Bolt's Red Mill 5 grain Hot Rolled Cereal. Takes 10 minutes to cook on the stovetop, just long enough for me to do my morning exercise stretches. I usually add some blueberrys and sometimes some brewer's yeast. Same results as you have here, a short spike up to about 145 and then back to the low 100s. I feel like I'm free to eat it.

I do take B supplements and fish oil and that probably has some effects as well.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-03-14 14:12:48 -0500 Report

Sounds yummy and easy. Glad you have found a cereal you can enjoy. I don't remember which grains are in the one you mention. It has been awhile since I looked at the ingredient list.

jayabee52 2012-02-18 15:17:31 -0600 Report

Wonderful to hear this. Thanks for doing this experement. As I do not normally eat carbs with grain as their source I don't have need for cream of wheat right now, but I will keep this in mind if ever I should go back to eat carbs like that again.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-02-18 17:32:15 -0600 Report

It was a splurge for me. Usually I'm eating lower carb as well. But cream of wheat used to be one of my comfort foods. Like mac n' cheese and warm peach cobbler.
Jusr had to find out if it wad doable. Quinoa mac n' cheese works with extra cheese. But not for a regular part of my eating, just for "can't resist the urge" times. Now to tackle warm peach cobbler.

loisanne53 2012-02-17 16:40:33 -0600 Report

Thanks for posting the details! I use almond milk but have not tried the whey powder…I really don't know anythinbg about it…does it contain protein too?

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-02-17 19:47:17 -0600 Report

It can vary from manufactuerers. The one I use from the bulk food aisle at sprouts has 0 carbs and 8 proten grams. Some can be extremely high in carbs. Several DC members posted about using whey powder is how I started using it. I believe dietcherry may have been one of my tutors.
The whey powder made the cream of wheat a little creamier. So improved it in more ways than one. When I am allowed to use the oven again, I plan on adding some to my experiments in baking with alternative flours. Somewhere on my laptop I have guidelines from some Milk or Whey Council that explains how to use it to improve baked goods. It is written for the food industry so the quantities are humongous. There will be a whole lot of math involved in experimenting.

loisanne53 2012-02-17 21:13:18 -0600 Report

I admire your efforts! That sounds like quite a chore! I will be watching for the results. Am interested in why you would have to be allowed to use the oven! ???

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-02-18 03:31:51 -0600 Report

A few weeks ago I had a slight mishap with one of the burners. When my hubby came home to a slightly burnt smell to the apartment he banned me from cooking. If I had known it was that easy to get out of cooking duties it might have happened sooner. The incident only involved a little smoke, that lingered for awhile because it was only 12º F outside. If it had only been warmer I could have let more fresh air in and he might never have known.

Young1s 2012-02-17 13:04:59 -0600 Report

Wow. What a difference a little protein powder and almond milk can make. Glad it was a successful round 3. You've given a lot of us one of our favorite breakfast choices back. Thanks for all the experiements.

granniesophie 2012-02-17 05:53:17 -0600 Report

Woo hooo!! I wonder what the difference in Cream of Wheat is to Oatmeal that keeps the spikes down??!! Oh well, who cares, another good choice for breakfast and I'm doing the happy dance!
Thank you for being the guinea pig and testing on yourself, and I'm so happy there were no boil overs and your fingers are safe :-P

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2012-02-17 19:59:32 -0600 Report

I don't know if they would help oatmeal. But I know I got spikes with Cheerios and Rice Checks that Corn Flakes didn't give me. I used whey powder and sunflower seeds or cashew pieces in the same quantities with almond milk. Deffinately did not get similar results. Since I seldom crave oatmeal (unless it is in Cookies) I doubt I will use up all those test strips on it.