My biggest angst

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Thus far the biggest angst I have is not getting answers. Those that I can use to implement on a reduced budget. Meaning I have two spare tires around the abdominals. I get no help whatsoever in dealing with this. I would like to shed the excess weight from there roughly about 40 pounds. I lost sixty pounds almost five years ago. Yet with the stress and emotional psychological upheavals in my life, I cant get that accomplished. I am told try this do this. But how can I when I dont have the money let alone able to talk to someone at least once a week or bi-weekly. So this is mine now what is yours?

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-02-16 12:07:37 -0600 Report

Tsa, you don't always have to have fresh fruit to lose weight and you can do this if it is something you really want to do no matter what budget you have. Why are you looking for someone to talk to? Walking is free, running is free, riding a bike if you have one is free. You have a computer, go to You Tube and workout to Zumba. I finally became a Lady Gaga Fan. My favorite song by her is Pokerface. The song has a fantastic beat. Play the video and dance to that all of this cost nothing but the use of your computer. High schools have outside tracks and usually you can find people walking or running on them. Some Malls allow walkers to come in to Mall walk before it opens for business, find out if they have this at a mall near you. This will give you a prime opportunity to meet people to walk with. Find out if your neighbors want to start a walking group and walk with them. If not try to organize one.

You are not the only one with stress and emotional upheavals in your life. You have to deal with it. Only you know what is stressing you out and only you can deal with it.

Several of us have suggested that you apply for both food stamps and medical assistance to help you. If you don't apply, you won't know if you qualify. I tell people it is easier to complain about the problems they have than to take action to resolve them. It is easier to sit back and complain than to take action because complaining takes less time.

You wrote an excellent post about motivation. Yet you don't appear to be doing anything to help yourself. Sometimes motivation has to come from within our own selves. You have to want to be better, do better in order for motivation to work. Wallowing in self pity isn't going to help you and it is only going to frustrate those you are reaching out to help you.

So here is some tough love. Stop whining and complaining about your budget, the fact that you want to lose weight and get up off your butt and do something about it. The first step is the hardest and at the end of the day you will find that things aren't as bad for you as you think and once you take steps to start helping yourself, it will be easier for those who are trying to help you. Love ya…now get to stepping :>)

TsalagiLenape 2012-02-17 07:44:49 -0600 Report

Actually I did apply and all I am allowed for now is 16 dollars in food stamps no medical or monetary funds. I am doing what was suggested. Plus looking into other avenues I can find along the way. What kills though is that no matter what I do I still on the ground for now. But not forever. I have to wait upon others to do what they promised which is hindering me from accomplishing a few other goals I can do. Yet today I hope that will be resolved if not Oh well. I will do what I must and move forward. Talking about exercise Yes I love Pokerface by Lady Gaga. Yet no room yet to do that. I have his stuff in boxes and well I just hope he shows up to get his stuff or its out the door for trash pick up later on. Once that is done I will have lots to keep me moving to clear out two rooms and rearrange three possibly four. Thus I hope to have this done by Saturday afternoon. Just tired of not getting answers from those who have the knowledge. Ugh! LOL No worries things will come along if I move, or make it happen. This is what today is about! ROFL. Have a great day! :)

annesmith 2012-02-16 00:47:34 -0600 Report

A reduced budget—thank GOD I can talk to someone about that. I am really suffering too from a reduced budget. I have a huge belly, even though I have always walked and ran on a regular basis all my life. I'm trying to lose 50lbs. I feel for you…I really do. I can't believe the huge gap between the rich and the poor nowadays…it's astounding. I work 2 jobs, 63 hours a week, and am trying to keep up with my taxes…I was late with last year's owing UNCLE SAM…NOT good. I owe him $400, and almost have it saved up. Geez…it just seems never ending. I have periods of depression now. I need to make $800 a week , and only make $275 a week between both jobs. It's bad for the diabetes. Feel free to write me anytime…the stress level at my jobs are huge to say the least…I love my jobs, but , seriously, they both carry 2 different types of stress that are constantly there. I'm glad I am 41 years old, and not 81…I hold on to my youth…I cherish it. I work in a store, and the pressure to maintain X number of dollars of sales is just HUGE, but we are not allowed to talk about it on the clock, or anywhere near the store…in fact, if they figure out we have said anything negative at all , even after we went home, the pressure just gets worse…I'm so darned tired, severely depressed part of the time…ANNE

TsalagiLenape 2012-02-16 08:04:20 -0600 Report

Yes I know what you mean. I was supposed to start my clinicals a week after surgery or there abouts but until my incision site is closed I cant get an interview or a job. Unlike what the surgeon thinks. LOL Yet I know I can lose it but the old method isnt working now. So trying to figure out how to do it on reduced budget and no help from the doctors well UGH! Yes I know about the stress no matter where it comes from. So for each one I have learned to channel a negative into a positive. I.E. when I get angry mad or whatever I clean like a freak! LOL Yes I understand about not being able to chat about the nonsense due to your bosses. Yet it does help put it in perspective and thus you may come up with a solution to those problems. So let me know how you are doing. Hugs

annesmith 2012-02-17 02:56:58 -0600 Report

Thank you!!! I have found that I feel probably 50% less stressed from work and finances after I talk on this site every night. So you clean like a freak when you get mad or angry? That's a great idea! I know one day at work about 3 years ago, a bad argument erupted between a manager and myself, and I was so shaken up by it and mad and hurt, that all at once I grabbed a cloth nearby and wiped down every area like crazy…I regretted arguing with a higher up, I rarely do this, as it can been immediate termination, but I can remember I was so stressed out, I grabbed that cloth and must have cleaned like some professional janitor service or something…ha, ha…ANNE