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Mu 15 year old is having sever symptoms of hypoglycemia. She is having a hard time because her symptoms come on at a higher blood sugar level than most. She has chosen to do her science fair project on diabetes. She would like to prove that although some diabetes is caused by poor diet and being overweight, many are not. She wants to look into the possibility that maybe a person who is overweight, already had the diabetic connection. This could be family history or whatever. Any one who would like to weigh in on the subject is welcome. For the record, type 2 diabetes runs very strongly in my family on my dad's side. He is not overweight and is very conscious of his eating habits. That did not stop him from going into a diabetic coma about eight years ago. I believe that my 15 year old daughter will end up as a type 2 diabetic. I even think it is possible that she is in the pre-diabetes stage. She is about 5' 4'' tall and weighs under ninety pounds. She would like to hear from adults, in particular with diabetes as she has a good teen connection at her school. I think it is a very open minded opinion for her to not believe that diabetics are just people in poor health that want somewhere to lay the blame for their poor health, and yes, she did say that. She is also testing friends that are not diabetic. Let us hear from you. We would like the world to know. It is due Dec. 10

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sparkysmom 2008-11-14 16:13:51 -0600 Report

I am type 2 diabetic. Type 1 diabetes runs in my Mom's family. Type 2 is on my Father's side. I am obese 6"1" 340 lbs(I don't blame anyone for my weight). I do take some meds that tend to make you gain weight. My Fibromyalgia is most probably cause by some of the many injuries I had as a child and teen. I take full responsibility for all my medical problems. I don't blame parents or genes.

sammy061948 2008-11-10 12:52:56 -0600 Report

I know what is like to have low blood sugars. Went on a date a couple of weeks ago for breakfast (after a year being divorced). Luckily the person I met was a nurse and she knew exactly what was happening. Dropped to 36. Had problems the rest of the day trying to adjust. Have had to go back to the doctors to discuss meds. But I found that I wasn't eating right. You have to eat, but was so depressed about the divorce. I stress, you need to eat regularly. I've been trying to pack a good lunch for work to avoid this problem.