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By granniesophie Latest Reply 2012-02-18 18:34:29 -0600
Started 2012-02-15 06:00:13 -0600

Well, it's my turn now (and I was feeling sooo left out!)! A new spammer is out there, and his name is Mr. Big. Same email garbage, though, that has been going around. So watch out, ya'll, apparenetly there's no stopping 'em!! :)

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pixsidust 2012-02-17 00:48:26 -0600 Report

WARNING sanfel has two posts on his profile in the How do you feel comments that can not be flagged. One he asks for help to buy people meds and on the other one he posts his personal email and phone number

Young1s 2012-02-17 11:13:37 -0600 Report

Unfortunately he's following me right now and I can't get rid of it. I had a feeling something wasn't right about him from the start. After visiting his profile again, I see my suspicions were correct. Thanks for the heads up Christy.

jayabee52 2012-02-18 18:34:29 -0600 Report

I find that the best way to notify the adiminstrators about something some one has emailed you or posted on a profile wall and no red flag is available, is to copy the offending comment and paste it into an email to a couple of the administrators and email them about it. It usually gets resolved fairly quickly.

GabbyPA 2012-02-18 11:08:35 -0600 Report

You can stop a following by going to the bottom of their profile page and click on the report/block link. Then you can report this person to the team.

GabbyPA 2012-02-18 11:24:53 -0600 Report

Actually that is the best way to deal with things because the flagged and reported things go straight into a que. They are dealt with as the come up. When you do it in here, it will only be seen if I pop in or one of the other moderators sees it.

GabbyPA 2012-02-15 10:39:34 -0600 Report

I used to talk with him. I kept him very "on track" and I guess he got tired of me. I have not heard from him for a long time and thought he just left. He has been reported and his activity will be looked into.

pixsidust 2012-02-15 13:18:20 -0600 Report

He has harassed a couple of other ladies here. He is grown. In stead of keeping him on track, why not boot him gone? How do you know if he is on track anyway if others are getting these emails?
He also has a site on his profile soliciting money. I just reported that

GabbyPA 2012-02-16 14:45:11 -0600 Report

He never crossed a line with me. Didn't ask for money just my contact information to talk to me. I don't do that, so we continued our conversations about where he lives, and how diabetes is treated there. I have not had any contact from him for months. I try not to jump to conclusions. As I have said before, we all come with a different set of social skills. Some of us are not so great in relaying our thoughts. Specially if there is a cultural or language difference. Things can get misunderstood on both ends very quickly.

So to me, there was not a need to report. I like to give people a chance. Sometimes they come here with good intentions to help people with the products they sell. Once we give them the rules, if they truly want help with their diabetes they can be great members. I can think of a couple of them that started on the wrong foot, but once corrected, have become good members.

I cannot see every single post and that is why I depend on you guys to let me or the team know what you are seeing. Use those little red flags. That is what they are there for.

jayabee52 2012-02-15 07:18:24 -0600 Report

OH surprise! I thought with the last two we cleaned up the internet completely! (sarcasm font /off) Seriously, I believe that the only way one can clean up the internet is to completely unplug from it.

I take it that this Mr.big approached you via DC inbox.

Have you gone to Mr.Big's profile and unfriended him and reported him? (That process is new to me, as I haven't done it before.) I have not been approached by this fella. I guess he gets his "jollies" making ladies squirm. Or did you reply to him using your "german shepherd" line? BTW I told the German shepherd line to a Lutheran pastor friend who is of the German heritage. He was tickled for as "pastor" is translated it can mean "shepherd" also.

TsalagiLenape 2012-02-15 06:45:46 -0600 Report

I dont know but I got the same thing. Just for anyone's info…I am not interested in a relationship of the kind between a man and woman right now. I have to get on my feet so I can get divorced. Then going to have time for ME!

granniesophie 2012-02-15 06:03:35 -0600 Report

OH, and actually he has friended several people here, including me, and has been on here for several months. I just don't understand what the attraction is?

pixsidust 2012-02-15 13:19:50 -0600 Report

Its not attraction. Its a power game to manipulate people
He also has a site soliciting money on his profile

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