Can the type of diabetes you have change?

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Almost 3 years ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic. My doctor did not say what type I had, she just started me on oral medication. I know my diabetes is genetic. My mother had gestational diabetes with me & eventually died from complications of the disease. All information I have read says that Type 1 is where the pancreas does not produce & the body does not properly process insulin whereas Type 2 is more of the body not processing insulin in combination with the type of lifestyle we lead (no exercise, being overwieght, etc.) I'll add that although I don't exercise as I should, I am not overweight nor have ever had a weight problem. I have always eaten a relatively healthy diet.
My doctor put me on insulin & has since increased it & added a mealtime insulin becasue she said that my pancreas is dying.
I see myself in descriptions of both type 1&2 diabetes.
Therefore I have a few questions.
Can type 2 change into type1? Is type 1 genetic & type 2 only brought on by our lifestyle.
This is a very confusing disease & I want to live a long and healthy life.

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ssguire 2012-02-28 13:21:31 -0600 Report

Thank you all for your input.

@MEGr­iff1­950 I live in very rural WV LOL There are no endocronoligists here, I would have to make a 4 hr drive to the closest one. I do have a different doctor now but the GP's here just don't know a whole lot and they all have many diabetic patients. I did attend a Diabetes Education Class that is ran by the local hospital. It didn't help me a whole lot. Most of the information taught was generic information that is readily available.

I can go days with having "normal" numbers & then they'll spike high or bottom out without me changing the foods I eat or the exercise I get. This disease is very confusing & frustrating!

jayabee52 2012-02-28 13:46:31 -0600 Report

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annesmith 2012-02-16 00:30:05 -0600 Report

Yours is almost a carbon copy of what's happened to me…welcome. I was originally diagnoses type 2 severe severe brittle. I lost that good internist , and won't go into detail about that. He was one of the best internists in the state of Iowa. The hospital has found me to be type 1 , but the local clinic doctor shook his head back and forth at me about 6 months ago and said " No way are you even diabetic…" HA, turns out he's a quack. I found an outstanding doctor at the same clinic about 3 months ago, and he said because everyday my blood sugar range is between 86 and 600, no such a thing as a type 2 that would have that everyday, HOWEVER, my A1cs are too low for type 1 category he said. He scratched his head. He wrote down that I need insulin before meals, and after meals, and then I think before bed. What type do I think I am? I am confused…I know underneath the type I am, but, I feel so alone. I had several low A1cs in the doctor's offices, YET, the last time I was in the emergency room, which was right after I got the results of a low A1c of 5.9 at the doctor's office, they ran another A1c test , and they said it was 16.0—-now, HOW can there be such a big difference in what the doctor's office finds, and the hospital? I rarely suffer depression, but being without a regular endo for 4 years now I have periods of depression…when my blood sugar falls from 600 down to 86, I can't think clearly, then I get very very very depressed. One doctor calls me a type 2, another says he has NO idea what type I am, every single emergency room physician I had in the emergency room finds keytones, and a big mess, and says I am a type 1. I just can't understand how one lab finds a huge A1c of 16 a few months ago ( the hospital lab—this hospital is outstanding—always has been) YET another lab only 1 day earlier found my A1c to be 5.9…good GOD…I mean, heck, NOW I know why Russelstalemates gets confused. C-peptide at the emergency room 3 years ago said I am type 1. The antibodies test I tested positive. The records are not there now—-do I have a GHOST removing my medical records? No way am I recalling wrong what the tests said. In the meantime, some lady tried to get into my medical records—-geeeeez. I strongly believe myself to be early stage type 1…ANNE

jayabee52 2012-02-14 12:01:12 -0600 Report

Howdy ssguire! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect.

I want to address your last statement: "I want to live a long and healthy life" first. No matter which type of diabetes one has it is possible to live a long and relatively healthy life. There is a gent who posts here from time to time by the screen name of Richard157. If I recall correctly he is about 72 years old and has had type 1 for about 60+ years. He has reported that he hasn't had a complication from diabetes except in the past 2 years or so. He is an inspiration to me (even as a T2) because to me his example shows that with good self care Persons With Diabetes (PWDs) can live a long and healthy life. Richard posted this discussion recently, read it here ~

So you CAN live a long and healthy life with good self-care.

Perhaps your Dr didn't say what type of diabetes you had, because your tests for various things came out inconclusive or confusing. There are actually more types of diabetes than Just 1 and 2.

There are T1s who have elements of T2 as in "insulin resistence"

There is M.O.D.Y. (mature onset diabetes in youth) Where children get T2 diabetes at ages usually reserved for T1s.

Then there is L.A.D.A. ( latent autoimmune diabetes in adults ) often commonly known as Type 1.5. Your Dr's statement that "[your] pancreas is dying" leads me to believe that she suspects you have 1.5. You on your next visit to her, might want to ask her point blank "Do you think I might have LADA?" Sometimes Drs can be so "in their own head" that they may THINK they've told you but have not. (I've done that with both of my wives — but that's a whole 'nother story! LoL!) There are several LADAs here. one of the ones who springs to my mind is RussellStamets. He is an interesting character and is rather unconventional in his self care of his 1.5. He was quite active on DC a number of months ago. but has seemed to be more silent of late. You can view his profile and see his activity and the discussions he has started in the activity tab of his profile. View his profile here ~ Reading some of his self-admittedly unconventional discussions you will see others either wondering or claiming to be 1.5/LADA. You may find it interesting if not enlightening.

I also want to encourage you to rethink your ideas about T2. Many people here believe that T2 is at its root cause, genetic. There are folks who are T2s and who are skinny as a rail. And there are folks who are morbidly obese, are sedentary and who do not develop T2. The way the general population seems to think about T2 is that you gave it to yourself because you're too fat and too lazy, but that IMO is not the case.

I pray my response to you was helpful and not confusing and that you'll find out just what what you diagnosis ("Dx") really is.

Sincerely to your better health

James Baker

MEGriff1950 2012-02-14 11:17:27 -0600 Report

Welcome to DC Ssguire, First I think that your doctor is not doing right by you. She should have told you what type of diabetes you have. To me it sounds like you have type1. In the 3 years she has been "treating" you she has not given you the tools that you need to help fight this devil. I think finding an Endocrinologist or another dr that is willing to work with you and send you for training would be a good idea. After attending a diabetes education class and getting a meal plan from a dietican I soon gained control.
You will see much advice here on what and when to eat but a dietican is your best bet for learning how and what to eat. I thought many "healthy foods" were good for me but found out that they are not healthy for diabetics.
Good luck and God bless,

byrun 2012-02-14 11:15:33 -0600 Report

I don't know much about type 1 or if it is genetic. I think that type 2 just happens and that lifestyle can play a huge part in that, also. In what I have read type 2 is caused, mostly by the cells in the body becoming resisitant to the insulin our bodies produce. I don't think that type 2 can change into type 1 but type 2's can become insulin dependent and need to take shot. You are searching for answers and knowledge helps all of us to cope with our new lifestyles. Learn as much as you can from this site, from your doctors, educators,etc. I've been here less than a year but have learned so much from the people here, from their life experience living with diabetes.

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