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why? would my blood sugar be 94 at 10:30 pm before I went to bed and when I wake upat 5:15am it is 114 and the after geting to work and walking 1.25 miles a and not eating any thing it is 132 how am I suppose to keep it down around 100 when it does this —- any help ?? cuse I am confussed ?

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Copperchef 2012-02-16 09:12:31 -0600 Report

I have that problem, but the way my Endo explained it to me, is that as you sleep, your liver releases glucose and this raises your overall BG. I eat a protein(like pecans 6 to 10 halves) an hour before I go to bed. This has helped a lot.
Exercise will raise your blood sugar because it requires energy to make muscles move, so your body responds by putting glucose into your blood stream for your muscles to use. The problem comes from the fact that your body is not using it efficiently because of the disease leaving a higher amount in your blood than in the cells of the muscles where it is needed.
I take Metformin and Victosa, the later helps my pancreas produce insulin, so my numbers have stayed at a 90 to 118 range. Before the Victosa, I had pretty wide BG swings. I have been on Victosa for a year now and I like the results.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-02-14 06:04:17 -0600 Report

If it helps mine is different every morning and can change with 1/2 hour. Yesterday for example had to move some wood was at 92 BG nice number moved some wood towards our outdoor furnace for an bout 30 min, I knew the exercise was exerting some great energy sure enough had dropped to 72 for me that means time for snack had 1/2 apple with some almonds. The dynamics of our bodies are so complex, and I have learned so much about my own body since diagnosed! Talk about a work of art!

GabbyPA 2012-02-14 07:28:08 -0600 Report

I so agree. Isn't it amazing what our bodies do all on their own? I find it fascinating to look at, to explore and to journal about.

JSJB 2012-02-14 04:49:31 -0600 Report

I have the same problem never the same reading from day to day. I test once a day and that is 4am but every day is different. I watch what I eat but no matter what I do, I get different reading every day. I stop eating around 8pm. My reading varries from 128 to 159 give or take a few points. I think that the more carbs I eat the higher it goes. Some of the people I talk to say that the reading depends on the times you eat. I guess every one is different. Yesterday I was 127 and this morning I was 147. Last night I was eating wheat thin crackers around 8pm. I know we need carbs but if they will hurt us we have to cut back.

jayabee52 2012-02-13 09:01:52 -0600 Report

Howdy Marc!

Most likely you burned off some Blood Glucose (BG) by walking. Your BG reading dropped and your body registered that as a low. We all (most of us, at least, non diabetes sufferers and Persons with diabetes {PWDs} alike) have a mechanism which supposedly keeps our BG at a safe level so one doesn't pass out from a low. That is inelegantly called "a liver dump", where the liver dumps stored glucose into the bloodstream. It is an emergency safeguard that most people have. We PWDs are more aware of it because we have meters and test and our pancreas' are broken so there isn't the insulin to take care of the dump.

I suspect your BG was a little higher immediately after your liver dumped but as you were walking you burned up a little of the BG rise.

To prevent the liver dump from happening on your walk do not exercise before you eat. Also I would recommend eating a protein along with carbs to give you a slower digesting food to digest which would keep your BG up better during exercise.

I pray this helps you

blessings to you and yours


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