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Stop for a minute…ok think…how do you feel when someone you know or dont know gives you a nice compliment i.e. saying You are Beautiful or You are great! ? I dont know about any of you. But it sure makes the day better and brighter overall. I may not know each and everyone of you who are my friends or family on here. Yet we started out as Strangers and became friends yet for me eventually family. So back to the original thought. If you can do one thing for another today, give them a compliment. Why? Not only does it make them happier but it does it back to you instantly! Try it! What do you have to lose. In school and scouts, we did this. We would pick a name and everyone had to write one good thing about that person. I.E. Happy, Nice, Fun So why cant we do that on here? I did already and feel better on the outlook of today. Just a thought to share. Hope I didnt offend anyone twas meant only to inspire and make many smile and feel better about themselves.

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Mom2sam 2013-10-15 16:36:11 -0500 Report

What a great reminder ! It's a great pick me up especially when someone is having a rough day.

pixsidust 2012-03-05 08:45:55 -0600 Report

My nick names said with full affection and love are a bit different
My old friend at work I called Henrietta and she called me Myrtle.
My mischief cat I call Beetle juice.
Tink is as long as she is wide and I call her Butterball turkey
My friends ex husband whose nickname is Dingleberry
My bigger than life personality neighbour is Queen Latifah
My ex is called "honey I shrunk the kids" because he looks like Rick Maran
We called a guy at work Hog because he rode a Harley (he liked the name)
I was called Rapunzel because my hair was so long.
Little kids, next door I have called Monkey Moo
In third grade we were given names off a list for a week
My teacher gave me the name of Silly Nilly…and it still fits

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2012-03-05 08:19:37 -0600 Report

This is so very true !!! It always makes me feel better when someone has a kind word for me. It also helps to smile even when you don't feel like it. Smiling is contagious. Much better than a sad face. ☺ ☺ ☺

TsalagiLenape 2012-03-05 08:26:17 -0600 Report

So true Teresa Rose, thus I will tell you that you are like a tree strong yet willing to bend when the wind blows strong. Hugs

TsalagiLenape 2012-03-05 08:14:51 -0600 Report

Now I would love it if all of you would read this! I know some of you have yet I feel its IMPORTANT to digest this again! Hugs

pixsidust 2012-02-17 14:08:42 -0600 Report

I used to work for a woman who was a screamer.
I worked 18 years under her out of the 25 years there
She was mean spirited and treated people poorly given the chance

I remember a single Mother with Cancer named Lori
She came to work after her chemo treatments no matter how she felt
Gradually her hair started falling out.
After months of dragging this girl in the mud emotionally
She fired her because she couldn't take off for any more treatments she decided

Now I hear my old boss has cancer herself
While I do not wish that on her or anyone
I remember Lori and I know she does not
being the self centered person that she always has been.
I could tell my old Boss she has the best red hair I have ever seen
That and nothing more…

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2012-02-15 21:19:26 -0600 Report


I am totally on board with this. I am not always in the best of moods in the morning, and I find that just one small kindness can totally change the way that I feel, and I try to do the same thing. It's kind of fun to watch someone smile at some small kindness that they didn't expect. I also acknowledge small kindnesses like when someone who is walking ahead of me holds the door, or says excuse me when the bump into me. I am hoping that when I say thank you or no problem, I am encouraging them to continue to be polite to others. I live in New York City and, believe me, small courtesies are often pleasant surprises.

Now if we just get everybody in the world to treat each other a little bit kinder...

Thanks a lot for this!


Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-02-17 13:55:45 -0600 Report

I am also not in the best of moods in the morning until my cup of coffee with a dash of Coffeemate's Mocha Cafe. I think small acts of kindness can change a persons entire day. Not a lot of people will "pay it forward". On Christmas day a few years ago, we had come out of the Ft. McHenry Tunnel and were at the toll plaza. The car in front of us paid our toll. We paid for the person behind us. The same thing happened to me at 7-11 one morning. A man paid for my coffee. I paid for the coffee behind me. It is these small acts that often surprise the unexpected person and brings a smile to someones face.

TsalagiLenape 2012-02-15 21:55:58 -0600 Report

Your quite welcome. Yet the smallest things does and can make a great impact. I know. Thus thought we could do our own here. Hence why its posted here only. Now I challenge all of you to go out and start a wave. Meaning a Tsunami Wave of Kindness! Are you up for it? When you do we should have another post of Random acts of Kindness. Not to get a pat on the back but to let others know how we felt when we did whatever. Now pass it on.

judy makowski
judy makowski 2012-02-16 16:26:30 -0600 Report

I love your discussion topic. Just reading it made me feel good. "You are correct in that it comes back to you. I know when I have done same for people I know or don't know for that matter, I feel good just seeing their smile.

Tess K.
Tess K. 2012-02-14 21:23:22 -0600 Report

Great idea, it is a simple idea, if we each paid it forward or passed it on or whatever you wanted to call it, what a better world this would be.

Jeanae 2012-02-14 16:18:54 -0600 Report

Today I was in the grocery store (on my crutches) and saw an elderly woman struggling to reach something on an upper shelf. I helped her and then smiled and said "have a Happy Valentine's Day". She gave me the evil eye and then promptly ran her cart into my crutches. I was shocked but then I had to smile. Maybe when I am old and crochety, I will be just as mean but for now I am just going to enjoy life. By the way- I appreciate all the great discussions you start on here and all ther wonderful life tips and tidbits of knowledge. Have a Happy Heart Day!

judy makowski
judy makowski 2012-02-16 16:28:56 -0600 Report

She sounds a bit like Maxine and I love her quips and cartoon sketchies. I love your response to her. She most probably did not expecvt that. I sort feel sorry for people that enjoy life.

GabbyPA 2012-02-15 09:35:56 -0600 Report

Your act of kindness will be rewarded somewhere...and so will her act of unkindness. I really believe that those kinds of things come back to bite us.

jimLE 2012-02-14 10:56:25 -0600 Report

what you say is so true tsala..saying some thing nice to someone not only makes that person feel better n all.but does the same for the person who says it as well..a good example is..i forget what town n state i was in..but..
i was walkig down a sidewalk and said hi to a mother and daughter,i think daughter was 4 or 5 at time.i get on past them.then i suddenly hear the daughter say he's a nice man.that deffently put a nice n happy smile on my face.i turned my head to see if mom was looking or what ever.but there was a man inbetween us and he did'nt have a smile.guess he was in to much of a hurry or what ever to concern him self about it.so any how.just saying hi to someone can be soo nice for the one you say hi to.especily if said with a smile.

GabbyPA 2012-02-15 09:45:34 -0600 Report

It is shown that if you smile, even without words, and make that eye contact, that smile will come back. It's almost magic.

MewElla 2012-02-14 11:41:35 -0600 Report

It is always amazing to me that the smallest things we can do for another can have the biggest impact on their day and definitely on mine.

GabbyPA 2012-02-15 09:44:01 -0600 Report

That is what you are very good at. You always reach out to everyone here and that makes them feel at home. You are like our mom....thanks!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-02-14 10:12:15 -0600 Report

Tsa, there are so many unhappy and ungrateful people in this world. Many of them and so caught up in their own problems that they simply don't know how to respond to someone being nice to them. I find listening to them helps and out of their unhappiness or ungratefulness they are at times inspired to change one little thing.

I worked with two women one was the most unhappiest person I knew. She never smiled and hated my guts for no reason. She never spoke to me and I never did anything to her other than say good morning. She was friends with another co-worker who was a friend of mine. One day the two of us decided we were going to a dairy for homemade ice cream (shhh don't tell anyone but the ice cream was our lunch…lol) I gave my car keys to my friend when I got to my car the other lady was sitting there. Never spoke to me when I got into my car. I made her get out of my car and told her if you can't be polite you can't have ice cream. Two days later she sent someone to borrow my jumper cables. I went out on the parking lot and chewed her totally out and would not let her use them. It took two weeks for her to come to me and apologize for her behavior and treatment of me. We actually became friends. She thought no one liked her so she chose to not like anyone at work.

The other lady rode to work with me everyday for 6 months until she was able to buy a car. She announced that if she saw any of us broke down on the side of the road she would not stop to help. My car broke down and she drove pass me and blew her horn. A month later her car broke down and I did the same to her. When she finally got to work she was mad at me. I told her when I gave you a ride everyday by going out of my way to pick you up and take you home, I did it because you needed help. When you didn't have money to help with gas, I let it go. To be so ungrateful to me for all the help I gave you without asking for anything hurts.

Sometimes you have to hurt a person to inspire or empower them to be better people. Saying thank you or offering a smile or a compliment is free. Each one of those three will make a persons day when they are down in the dumps much better even if you don't know they have a problem.

You are a wonderful person and thanks and hugs to you for posting this.

GabbyPA 2012-02-15 09:42:07 -0600 Report

Good grief...where do you work? I don't want to go there. LOL
Thank you for your most generous heart. Sometimes tough love is the right thing to do.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-02-15 12:37:20 -0600 Report

These two ladies were the first people I encountered after getting my very first job when I graduated from High School. I almost quit my job because I thought everyone was like that until I got to know other people.

You are very welcome. I agree. Tough love has changed a lot of people.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-02-13 22:41:13 -0600 Report

Temi I know I have mentioned my position at my work, but I will elaborate. I have the opportunity to work with families of infants birth to 3 years old with disabilities. My job is challenging due to the factors that these families face on a daily basis, yet I have a chance everyday to make children smile, to teach, and hopefully to help the parents towards want to better themselves. My job is challenging due to issues in the homes like drug abuse, poverty, domestic violence, etc. Would I want anything else NO, as difficult as it is it is that much more rewarding. Do I succeed with them 100%, again NO but I do touch a lot of lives. This site is like that it makes me smile no longer "set apart.". Blessings to you and yours, Louise

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-02-14 12:15:04 -0600 Report

Set I worked at a Title 1 school. Many of the kids came from homes where parents were unemployed, uneducated, or under-educated, some didn't get three meals a day, had seen relatives or neighbors killed on the street, and parents who were abusive. The school was taken over by the state and the new principal hired young teachers who were first time teachers and many had never lived or worked in a major city. One teacher said that what they were doing was taking sweet rolls away from the kids and throwing them away because the kids shouldn't have them. I spoke up and said many of your students only get breakfast and lunch here in the school as the only meals they get. As a Title 1 school you cannot take food given to them and throw it away. I suggested she ask the cafeteria staff to wrap them separately and give them to the kids as a mid morning snack.

I tried so hard to help those in need in the community and many times there isn't a 100% success rate but even if any of us help one person and it is a success, that is all it takes for the ones that aren't successful. Keep doing what you do. There are not enough of people like you in the world today.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-02-14 15:11:14 -0600 Report

Thank you, I plan on doing this as long as I can! It also sounds like you're no stranger to the trenches! Best Wishes, Louise

GabbyPA 2012-02-14 07:35:38 -0600 Report

Set Apart, you have really come into our community and made your presence known in such a short time you have touched many hearts here.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-02-14 10:15:01 -0600 Report

Gabby you are an inspiration to us all with the information you share and your kindness. You are truly blessed.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-02-14 09:30:17 -0600 Report

Gabby, thanks I really feel like I was led to this site. It has touched my life in so many ways and they're definitely not all related to my "D." The people here are so special! Louise

flipmom 2012-02-13 20:04:33 -0600 Report

since my work gets me in touch with public, i have the apportunity to compliment people… i feel better too because maybe sometimes they dont notice it themselves…

GabbyPA 2012-02-14 07:39:05 -0600 Report

Flipmom...I like your humor. You take things life throws at you and turn them around and sometimes upside down.

flipmom 2012-02-14 12:18:36 -0600 Report

thanks gabby! you mean flip it upside down and look for the flipside? LOL!!my motto is always been.. I CAN! I WILL! AND I MUST!! (my caps are highlights not yell.. hehee)

LennyDenny 2012-02-13 13:09:44 -0600 Report

You know, it's a great idea. A few years back I worked in the intensive care unit at a local hospital. They had a system that if you did something good or help someone that was above and beyond, you could put it on a card and give it to their supervisor and they would post it in a newletter that she did once a week. It always felt great when you would get a compliment from one of your co-workers and it always made me feel good when I could compliment some one else.Your idea won't offend anyone here, it will only inspire.

GabbyPA 2012-02-14 07:37:58 -0600 Report

Lenny...I like how you always share yourself with us. Your honesty keeps us in line with what is important.

LennyDenny 2012-02-14 07:44:42 -0600 Report

Thanks - I found that with all the medical problems I have over the last 40 yrs. or so that I find the real joy in helping other every chance I get. I am working with a lot of groups locally help other that have been diagnosed with some of the things I have. I find it not only help them but it is the biggest help for me. If I can help others through some of the thing I have gone through, I'm there. This site alone has been such an inspiration for me with all the friends I have gotten to know is the best thing for me.

DeanaG 2012-02-13 11:46:42 -0600 Report

I know it makes me feel good when my hubby says he is proud of me for the way I am controlling my diabetes.
TsalagiLenape you are a wonderful source of spiritual inspiration.
Young1s you have a great positive energy.
Gabby you are a terrific wealth of positive ideas and information.

GabbyPA 2012-02-14 07:33:58 -0600 Report

Thank you Deana, you are so kind. I don't know you as well as some others, but it is always a pleasure to read your insightful posts.

GabbyPA 2012-02-13 11:08:29 -0600 Report

What a great idea! I love this. There is nothing more stress relieving than feeling good about ourselves and giving to others.

Ok...TsalagiLenape. You are incredibly insightful.

Young1s 2012-02-13 10:17:23 -0600 Report

It does feel good when I get an unexpected compliment. It uplifts my spirit. I try to do the same for others, too, but admittedly I could do it more often. Thanks for the reminder that the small unexpected gestures of kindnesses can make a big difference. I'll start with you, you have a loving kindness that speaks to me.

GabbyPA 2012-02-13 11:09:06 -0600 Report

Young1s....You have a very gentle spirit that gives peace in your comments.

Young1s 2012-02-13 19:19:06 -0600 Report

Thank you Gabby. I most certainly can say the same about you. You have a special way of calming the tension that sometimes arises between us.

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