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In December of 2010 I went into a diabetic coma. Ever since I have been in and out of the hospital all the time. I have been admitted 37 times since. My doctors cannot figure anything out which is really frustrating. I am missing all the important things that I want to be there for. I do get down sometimes but I never count myself out. Me going in and out of the hospital has been hard on my whole family exspecially my kids. The doctors are not trying anything new so the cover the symptoms and send me on my way. I even have a pump and it's not helping much. I check my sugars at least 7 times a day and take levemir. What happens is I end up getting sick which causes my bs to rise and leaves me dehydrated. The last couple times though when I get sick I end up puking up nothing but blood. Being type 1 is hard enough for me without all the complications whatever I have on top of it

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thtigger2000 2012-02-21 18:32:21 -0600 Report

I'm doing alright right now. I have been to the Cleveland clinic and they seem to be looking for new things. I also found out I am severely vitamin d deficient. I'm working on that to correct it. How are you doing? Hope everything is going good your way.

Young1s 2012-02-21 21:01:45 -0600 Report

I'm happy that you are finally getting some answers or at least some new tests done. I was found to be severely vitamin D deficient about 3 years ago and had to take vitamin D supplements for about a week or so. I hope this (along with working with the new doctor) is the start of you feeling better and not having those scary episodes anymore.

thtigger2000 2012-02-13 07:15:24 -0600 Report

I want to thank everyone for their advice. Most I have done. I do have a endo and I have been to a gi and a gastro specialist. I have been to two different teaching hospital. I am getting ready to go to a bigger city clinic. I am going to the Cleveland clinic on Friday and see what they think. The hardest part I think is going threw all these test and everyone telling me they cannot find anything wrong with me. I hope they find out something in Cleveland that I can sink my teeth into. I really want to thank everyone for advice and prayers they mean so much to me.

Jan8 2012-02-11 09:59:32 -0600 Report

I think I would find a different doc esp since ins cos. will pay for secong opinions. The doc may try a different form of insulin. If you are puking up blood,this is not normal even for a diabetic. Have a GI specialist evaluate this. I am sorry you get so sick but, keep on persevering. You just might find the answer and treatment that will help. Sometimes when a person has puked a lot their blood vessels in the throat burst and cause the bleeding. If your Ins Co. allows try a diff hospital also.Preferring a teaching hospital. ( lots of minds help).

slyfox44 2012-02-10 16:08:14 -0600 Report

Poor u I know low bloods sugars are the worst lately I've been passing out at lest 3 times a week I the doctors don't know why I'm groping so low…anyways hope ur better!

MEGriff1950 2012-02-10 13:59:10 -0600 Report

God bless you thtigger, Young is correct you definately need a different doctor. If you can see an Endocrinologist they are the best as they specialize in diabetes. If one is not availale a DO would be a good choice too. I am not a medical professional but it sounds like you have a severe reaction to the medication you are on. I also highly recommend attending a Diabetes Education Class, the American Diabetes Association may be able to help you find one in your area.
Your dr. should have been concerned about your second trip to ER. He seems to be sweeping your health under the rug maybe because he really does not understand diabetes. Please seek help with a professional that knows what they are doing, your health and life are at stake here.
God be with you,

thtigger2000 2012-02-10 09:32:15 -0600 Report

I have been to six different hospitals that is the scary part of it. I want to thank you for your prayers and I always look ahead I have two little ones I am going to watch grow up and give me grandchildren much further down the road

Young1s 2012-02-10 09:57:10 -0600 Report

That's 2+ great reasons to remain strong and determined to get this under control. Hopefully someone else can offer you some better advice or a point of view that has yet to be considered.

Young1s 2012-02-10 08:16:56 -0600 Report

This is really scary. If you've been admitted 37 times and your doctors are only covering your symptoms, maybe it's time to go to a different doctor/hospital for the answers you seek. I'm sorry I don't have a better suggestion than this. I just wanted you to know that I hear your concern and pray that you get the help that you need. Stay strong and as you said, never count yourself out. Be blessed.

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