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Has anyone had an infection? What procedure if any did you follow to get it healed?

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Debe Pendice
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It all started with my foot having dryed skin. (almost like a paper cut) When I noticed this I went to see a podiatrist right away. Needless to say he messed arond with my foot for a few weeks. I should of seen an orthopedic. As my poditrist was treating my foot, I thiught I had this under control. I developed an infection called psedomotious(misspelled). I went to an Orthopedic then and he yelled and said, You are diabetic what would of made you have a procedure done in a MD office? They do not scrub those rooms down after each and every patient. I thought I had this under control right? Wrong…I being a diabetic should have been advised to have a simple procedure like this done in the OR where it is in a sterile enviroment. Who new, I did. But I wasn't thinking about it at that time. I thought I was on top of this situation. I ended up doing 2 years of home IV therapy. Four IV's a day(piggybacks) 1 hour an IV for the next 2 years. I still ended up losing that foot. I had to have a left below the knee amputation. I don't want to scare anyone, but this does happen. It happened to me. Do take care of all your infections…Debe

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