diabetes and low iron

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just recently ended up in er with low blood sugar and low iron feeling over whelmed need help

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KristinaH. 2012-02-08 17:33:10 -0600 Report

Wow I thought I was the only one that had this problem. In 2007 I had the gastric bypass I went from 300 lbs dwn to 178lbs I feel great as far as my weight but my body dont absorb any iron and my blood count (hemleglobin) is only a 7.3. I have no energy. Mostly after I eat I just want to collapse.

annesmith 2012-02-03 01:34:21 -0600 Report

The exact same thing happened to me in 2005…my iron was borderline low, and my blood sugar was atrociously low…only 63…I felt like hell. I never ever ever wanted to go through that again, as I had more than one seizure from the low..it was awful. I also had a light heart attack at the same time, in which my heart pounded at a rate of 473 beats a minute for 25 minutes. They had to shock me once. I saw angels while they were shocking me, and almost went into a diabetic coma. Insulin was also given to me, as my sugar shot up to 701 shortly thereafter. Like I said, I never wanted to ever have that happen again, so I went WAY way way out of my way to avoid lows after that. I always make sure I have SOME kind of food in me, and never go famished, especially at breakfast. I now carry a couple of emergency foods in my car with me everyday..just in case. I cut back on black coffee—-unless you are not sensitive to caffeine at all, be very very careful of strong black coffee…I found out in the emergency room too much of it confused the pancreas, and your whole body can go haywire from it for awhile. It's not the CAUSE of a lot of stuff, but it seriously can mess a person up if drank in high quantities. Also, if you smoke cigarettes like I do, which you may not, but if you do, do everything you can to cut back, with the goal of quitting. Nicotine to this day is my greatest love, not food. I found out what it does is it affects the blood sugars, too..I was shocked when I found out. It sends out adrenaline every time a person takes a drag, then the added adrenaline either hurts or helps , dependent. Cigarettes are as a whole bad of course. This might help you, too: Low iron feeling along with low blood sugar—in my book and my experience nothing is worse, because it overwhelms a person between feeling low on both ends. I added more greens to my diet, and it has helped a LOT. When my iron is steering towards feeling low, I start eating greens, and then my blood sugar goes UP, and I feel on top of the world…sincerely, ANNE

lisalisa40 2012-02-03 14:04:11 -0600 Report

thanks for responding ni really needed the support one question. you said you keep emergency food in your car. what kinds of foods? i bought me a iron suppliment do you think that will make a difference? yes i drink one cup of coffee before work i make it a small cup and i use olenty of creamer and splenda should i still cut out coffee completely?and for breakfast because i work so early i eat fastfood biscuits every morning with my coffee any suggestions on breakfast foods that i can substitute for breakfast. some times its 2pm before i get anything to eat this is bad isnt it?thanks anne

annesmith 2012-02-04 00:09:31 -0600 Report

I forgot to mention that I found out black coffee by itself, with no creamer and no food to back it up, will partially block the body's ability to absorb iron. I keep in my car PROTEIN, as it always works for me in most cases. I found also a high protein vitamin drink…only problem with that one is you can't have 2 of them back to back, or you'll overdose on vitamins and sugars…ha. For breakfast, I eat higher protein and orange juice. For supper, I back off from extra calories ..way off, and I cook myself. I usually cook stir fry, only my weakness is oils..I have been know to add too much butter and oils..I'm not a good example there..ha. I do know that it is ideal to have your coffee with some kind of protein, like eggs or the like, but I often get in a hurry , and add extra creamer..not good, but still better than pure hot black coffee on an empty stomach. Iron tablets work really good IF you are getting enough to eat all day long. They don't work too good if just taken with coffee, though. Also, the worst thing you could do is have black coffee ( which apparently you don't), and eat zero breakfast. What that would do is drive your blood sugars most likely DOWN , and at the same time it would block your bodies ability to absorb any iron, even in the tablet form. I rarely have a problem with iron, but when I have, my blood sugars FELL straight down really fast, and my whole body shook like crazy…nothing is worse in my book..ha…ANNE

lisalisa40 2012-02-05 22:27:08 -0600 Report

thanks anne ive taken your advice and bought iron supplements and glucerna bars to keep at work and ive been feeling soooooooooo much better in the process of finding me a Dr that specialize in just diabetes hope he can get me on the right path. were can i get diabetic cookbook??

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-02-02 19:13:30 -0600 Report

Ok, don't panic, we will help you. What type are you, 1 or 2? What meds do you take as well, I ask this as it will help us know which direction to go in. Are you checking your blood glucose levels a few times a day? You will need to pack snacks to take to work to make sure you avoid the lows. Peanutbutter and crackers, turkey, meal suppliment drinks, etc. If you are eating out a couple times a day, then you can swing eating better by making your food at home and taking it to work. Think how much you spend a week on take out food.

You need to go to a diabetes class/nutritionist to get started, ask your dr about it. You will learn how to count carbs, portion control, and be given a meal plan based on your needs and health issues. Keep glucose tabs with you, they are available over the counter, I get mine at walmart and some insurance companies cover them or oj. Call/internet the American Diabetes Association and they will send you info as well, and you can also get diabetes cookbooks through them. Also, check out the video section on this site. You can also ask Ms Sloan who is a diabetes educator under the Community Advocates on the home page.

Good luck