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Pudley Ann
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I use the ultra Touch meter and find that when I take 3 tests in succession, they vary by as much as 20 points. This was at fasting this morning. Is this normal for this meters ??? I am always concerned that my meter is "off" and my readings are not what they should be. Thanks Sandee

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jayabee52 2012-02-02 13:43:34 -0600 Report

Howdy Sandee! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect! Sorry you qualify for inclusion in out "little" club, but since you do I am glad you are here.

Sandee, I used to use a one touch ultra meter too. I also used it for my late wife. One of the things one has to realize is that according to the FDA the acceptable range of operation is 10% on either side of dead-on accurate. Meters are not always deat-on accurate. It is something we need to get used to. I look at a BG reading as an indication of how I am doing. I am more concerned about what my Blood Glucose (BG) numbers are doing rather than the accuracy of my meter. I look for trends in my BG numbers. Are they trending up? or are they holding steady?

That's what I am more concerned about.

I will myself re-test if I get a reading which is higher than I expected. Sometimes I poke my finger without having washed them. And it seems at those times I have a higher reading than I would have expected. I go wash them and dry them and retest. It will usually bring my BG levels down to a more expected level. They won't always be where I'd like to see them but they will often be close.

Blessings to you and yours Sandee


Pudley Ann
Pudley Ann 2012-02-02 18:00:46 -0600 Report

Hey James - thanks for your reply on the meter. I feel better after reading about just thinking about which way my readings are going rather than the numbers. I'm newly diagnosed and it's a lot to digest. This "liittle" club will be a big help to me, I believe.

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