An Interesting alternative diet for type 2

By SkipT Latest Reply 2008-11-10 04:55:53 -0600
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Found this series of articles to be interesting. I actually follow this type of diet and have excellent results. I feel that the nutritional information we have had for the last 20 years or so is incorrect, but like most things in the science world it is hard to correct bad information which seems to take a life of its own and continues to perpetuate itself.
Here is the website:

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DonnaAnn 2008-11-10 04:55:53 -0600 Report

WoW! a site that claims to cure me! Hmmm…thought only the hand of god could do that!!! But, I will give it a good looking over and see if it can at least lower my numbers a bit.

GabbyPA 2008-11-09 22:52:45 -0600 Report

I track my food intake and have been looking at my Protein, Carb, Fat ratios. One thing I found is that as I reduce the carbs I take in because they mostly up my sugars, I have to have an energy source from somewhere and fat is my alternative. For me, the key is making sure that the fat is healthy fat. We don't eat much processed foods, so trans fats are not on our plates much at all. I also try to make sure fats such as fish, olive, and nuts make the most of my intake. I avoid most dairy fat and try to keep my meats lean. I do eat more red meat than I should, but I am working on that too.

So yes, if you cut in one area, you have to compensate somewhere else. The trick is choosing the correct substitute that works for you.

2008-11-09 20:57:12 -0600 Report

This approach is similar to the Atkins Diet and just last week I had a conversation with my new doctor about this and his only comment was that Dr Atkins died a fat man of a heart attack…
I could just hear him if I told him I was doing this! Not that it's a bad thing, I know it works for some people but my doctor is from Europe and hasn't boughten into this at all.

SkipT 2008-11-09 21:26:41 -0600 Report

That Dr. Atkins died fat from a heart attack is an urban legend. He actually died from a brain hemorrhage from a fall he took after slipping on an icy sidewalk. He was not over weight, just a big man.

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