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I applyied for my ssd in dec 2010 since i have alot of medical and mental issuses. They turned me down in jan 2011 i appealed it and had a hearing on nov 30 2011 today i got a letter fron ss saying that i won because i cannot be gainfully employed. this has taken so much stress off of me.

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harry1 2012-02-01 18:20:10 -0600 Report

thank you all. Margokittycat i had an attorney who really didn't do to much i had all the medical records even the day of the hearing he called me and said he needed a paper from the one dr who said that i could not be gainfully employed then in the hearing conferance room he was going to use wrong info from the one dr that i fired. he will get $7250 but he said he won't charge me the $48 it cost him to get a few medical records so make sure you research the attorney that you decide on. My attorney called me and told me to call ss to see if a judgement was made i'm like why am i paying you for he told me that i have all the info they will ask to access the records. i figured he has 10 hours into it that comes out to be $725 per hour.

MewElla 2012-02-01 13:49:57 -0600 Report

Very good news to hear. so happy for you and I have no doubt a lot of stress off your shoulders…Take care

margokittycat 2012-01-30 19:49:12 -0600 Report

Apply I am applying and I have an attorney who doesn't make a dime unless I win. If you need help finding someone to represent you, call the social security office and ask them to send you a list of qualified reps to assist with your disability claims. CONGRATS Harry1.

Degibu 2012-02-09 08:01:35 -0600 Report

I used to work for the government, and can tell you that it USED to be standard practice for Social Security to deny every application for disability. Guess they figure that if someone truly needs it, they will reapply or appeal with the help of an attorney, which is honestly the only thing you can do. Good luck.

cjpearson 2012-01-30 18:29:21 -0600 Report

I am thinking of applying for SSD, but i have heard so many horror stories, it took my husband 3 years of appeals to get his

ston3xc 2012-01-30 14:55:36 -0600 Report

I've been on SSD since last May. It takes a load off your mind about how to pay the bills but if you don't have another source for insurance, you still might be in for a struggle. Medicare won't kick in for 2 more years, if you are not 65 or older.

Caroltoo 2012-01-30 14:38:24 -0600 Report

So happy to hear this, Harry. My sister went through this process a few years back and it was a bear. So glad you are over this hurdle and can now focus on caring for yourself.

MEGriff1950 2012-01-30 14:14:08 -0600 Report

It is a crying shame that government forms are so difficult to figure out. If SS made the process clearer so many people would not have their lives devistated by loss of income. I am so sorry it took you so long and you have faced such hardships Harry.

Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2012-01-30 14:29:49 -0600 Report

Its not the forms, but the process and red tape they like to put in the way.

MEGriff1950 2012-01-30 15:02:51 -0600 Report

I learned how to fill out govt forms when I was a shop steward for the union. I only had to apply once because I knew what to do. I got all of the medical records available sent along with my application by registered mail to 2 addresses plus hand delivered plus applied online. When a one sentence answer seems appropriate I answered with paragraphs. I knew not to leave any blanks. So I guess it is not the forms but how they are filled out.