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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 6 months ago. My doctor has me on 500 mg metformin HCL ER twice daily. I seemed to get my BS under control. 2 days in a row this week this happened to me: My BS was at aprox. 235 two hours after my lunch. Then I drank a full can of regular soda and in one hour my BS was 105. Down aprox. 130 points! Can you explain that? It just floored me! That's why I did it twice. It was like everything I had been reading about diabetes just suddenly went up in smoke! Now I'm so confused I feel hopeless. Please help me understand. It seems like I've wasted 6 months trying to learn about something that has too many variables to pin down. I'm getting to feel like there is no use to try.

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annesmith 2012-02-01 01:12:05 -0600 Report

This is Anne again…I know the acid in the pop , combined with Metformin , can be a recipe for huge swings in blood sugar. I bet yours lowered that many points because the Metformin kept on doing it's job, while the acid in the pop broke the sugars down even more. I don't have all the answers, so this is just a theory. What makes this disease SO complex is, if we are under stress of any kind, we can drink the SAME thing the next day, and our blood sugars might SOAR. I still scratch my head on quite a few things. For example, how come one day, when I did not have enough to eat ( bad mistake on my part) , after a HUGE argument with a family member, my blood sugar was in the 500s? Then, about 3 weeks later, same argument, and my blood sugar DROPPED into the 50s? Ha…sorry to laugh, I know it's serious, but, there is nothing wrong with my machine..I had it tested..this disease can be a real pain , just hang in there, and get to your doctor ASAP I would say..tell him or her about your huge drop…sincerely, ANNE

annesmith 2012-02-01 01:05:28 -0600 Report

Don't give up, whatever you do. I'm a very brittle diabetic, and everyday my blood sugar range is 86-600. I have gotten used to it, but have stabilized my numbers a little bit by reducing high acid drinks from my diet…I can RARELY drink pop, as it lands me right in the emergency room…the sugar and the acid and the caffeine combined send me into a terrible state. I sometimes drink Sprite with a whole meal, or a third of a coke…that's it. Pop has sent me into a huge line of troubles. I am getting closer to find a new endo, so am still in the process myself of continuing to deal with problems very similar to yours…good luck!!!!!—-ANNE

MEGriff1950 2012-01-29 15:32:01 -0600 Report

Doras boss, I had problems similar to yours, for a long time I did not believe all that I had read either. I thought that I actually needed sugared foods every day to keep my BG a bit lower. I was half right on this.
When I attended a diabetes education class I learned that I needed to eat 3 meals a day with 45 carbs per meal. By evenly spacing out my carb intake my numbers came down and now I am under control.
What happened when I ate the sugared foods is that I was actually making up for a meal that I was not eating as I was only eating once or twice a day.
If you can attend a diabetes education class it will help you greatly to get started in the right direction. A dietican will also help you to be able to plan more healthy meals you will eat. Keep reading the posts here, you will be able to see what others have done to help them gain control.
I struggled for 7 years trying to figure out what to do, the class streightened me out.
Good luck and God Bless

Kirla 2012-01-29 12:14:26 -0600 Report

High carb high sugar foods or drinks will sometimes cause a huge spike and then a huge drop all in less than one hour. Next time try taking your blood sugar 15-20 minutes after drinking the soda. Then about every 10 minutes or so there after until you see it stopped going up and has started to go down.

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