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Hand-le With Care and Dancing Feet Basket
As a pleasant reminder to inspect hands and feet daily, a gift basket containing a few of the many wonderful, natural, organic, essential oils, and antibacterial cleansers, lotions and soothing creams, plus little extras, like a good nail brush with pumice stone attached, natural loofah mitts or gloves from The Body Shop, and a pair of reflexology socks from Hands-On- Feet (800 330-2109), make a useful, thoughtful gift.

If you make it a "dancing feet" basket, use a shoe box or a pair of cozy slippers, as a basket. If it is "Hand -le With Care", lay out a pretty soft cotton hand towel, place jars and tubes on top and gather corners with a bright ribbon.

A couple personal favorites that do good work on dry skin are, Udderly sMOOoth Udder cream, (yup it's for cows, but my doctor recommended it to me, and it works on humans, too) 800 345-7339, and Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme (800 849-7112), which is particularly good to slather on tired feet at the end of a day. Don't forget to slip on your reflexology socks.

A Healing Through Pampering Basket
An easy and wonderfully thoughtful gift is the gift of massage. There are excellent certified therapists throughout the country. Massage is an ancient healing art that reduces stress and stimulates circulation. If you really want to pamper the recipient of the gift basket, buy a big fluffy terry robe and stick the gift card in the pocket. And for the basket … A big wicker laundry basket always comes in handy.

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