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i have trouble with food i keep eating the wrong thinks sneakin food and i csnt stop what can help me

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Jeanae 2012-01-24 08:39:08 -0600 Report

Try throwing out all the foods in your house that are tripping you up. If it is portion related, take your meal out and put it on a plate, then portion the leftovers in stackable, partitioned rubbermaid containers and freeze them. They won't be sitting out tempting you and you have meals for the rest of the week. If it is when you are out running around and you find yourself in the wrong drive through line, order just a bottle of water and carry healthy snacks in your car like cut up veggies in a small cooler, string cheese. Crackers… If you are eating because you are bored, take up a hobby that occupies your fingers- needle work, painting, puzzles… anything. Try and figure out why and when you are cheating and out manuever yourself. You can do this!!! I have faith in you! You are stronger than you give yourself credit. This is all about you, for you! Good luck!

RAYT721 2012-01-23 20:42:18 -0600 Report

First of all, welcome to our family. The best advice that I can give you is that when you talk about sneaking food, you are only sneaking it from yourself. Only YOU can be accountable for binging, taking or not taking medication, losing or not losing weight or any of the factors that make up control. Your post isn't saying much that can help us give tips and tricks such as how long you've been diabetic, if you are on medication, and what your goals are. It's hard to reach success with your condition if you haven't identified what success is. In many cases the people who try to change their lives 360 degrees overnight are the ones who will burn out faster. I firmly believe that slow and steady wins the race. You are among friends here and I am hoping to hear more from and about you. Let's talk about the struggles you are having. Why are you eating the wrong foods and sneaking them? It sounds like you know what to do but not doing them is what's hurting you. Have you seen a doctor? Have you seen a dietician? Let's get those fears, feelings and frustration out in the open. Feel free to friend me and drop a line… ANYTIME!

daydreamer630 2012-01-23 19:42:25 -0600 Report

There's no easy answer, I'm afraid. For me its wanting to keep myself in check so I can lead a long and healthy life. Granted I slip up, especially with my Wheat-free diet. Yet its a determination to prove that just because I have diabetes it doesn't mean it has me!

Meme15 2012-01-23 19:45:43 -0600 Report

im tring to change my ways because i can still lose my diabetes at first i was doing well but i sllpped up by gaining alot of weight

RAYT721 2012-01-23 20:44:04 -0600 Report

Meme… it's unlikely that you are ever going to lose diabetes. It is whether you lose or gain control of it that matters.

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