My Blood Sugar shot up to 353

By 1lady4 Latest Reply 2012-01-23 03:12:23 -0600
Started 2012-01-21 21:46:06 -0600

It happened at Snacktime I ate two slices of Pizza at Supper lol

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Hopes2blueyes 2012-01-23 03:12:23 -0600 Report

I learned to stay away from pizza as it spikes my sugar too. Never really liked it much so it wasn't hard to give up.

Type1Lou 2012-01-22 10:59:44 -0600 Report

If you insulin-bolused for the pizza, did you accurately count the carbs? If yes, there may have been a blockage in your pump tubing or cannula that prevented the insulin from entering your body. If you did not bolus for the pizza, a spike in your BG is inevitable. Did your pump rep or endo provide you with the protocol to follow when your BG goes over 250? How did you feel at 353…I start feeling sick and nauseous if it gets that high.

GabbyPA 2012-01-22 10:51:51 -0600 Report

Pizza is a menace. It is a love hate relationship to be sure. It may spike slowly, but due to the amount of carbs in it, it still gets up there and can linger for a while. If you ever buy a frozen pizza, look at the serving size and carbs. You will find that the average pizza slice is about 2 servings. If you do the math, you can see why it adds up so fast.

This discussion explains in the replies why pizza is so hard on us.

stemplin 2012-01-22 18:21:55 -0600 Report

use flat bread for a crust…and make mini pizzas so you can cut our the portions to keep them small …LOVE personal pizzas let others make there own …NO guilt to the special heath eater in the crowd ..And than I make a BIG salad for everyone …

Caroltoo 2012-01-21 22:04:36 -0600 Report

You are a type 1 using a pump … so how did you treat this to bring it down?

As a type 2, I'd eat something protein and drink lots of water, but I suspect your response is to use insulin.

How are you doing now?