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I have a problem eating breakfast in the morning,all I want is coffee an a slice of toast thats it,and then I can't take my shot until later after I eat lunch. My sugar stay out of wax.

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digitaldoorbell 2012-01-26 21:43:03 -0600 Report

This is probably the most inspiring and promising post that I have seen on this site. What a great story! I have been diagnosed as Type 2 for about a year and a half. My BG is totally controlled by diet and exercise. I do have neuropathy and it is awful. I take gabapentin and my goal is to get off of it.
I am so glad to read that both of you (collectively) had success with your health.

Thank you for posting this. I hope that you have continued blessings in your health and in your life.

All the best.

maclover1524 2012-01-26 21:14:02 -0600 Report

My husband has been free of the effects of diabetes for the past 9 plus years after suffering for over 20 years with severe, painful neuropathy in both feet so much so that he could not walk 75 feet without sitting down to rest, 43 units of insulin, profuse night sweats requiring him to cover his pillow each night with a bath towel, irritability and anger issues, weight of 280 pounds for a 5' 9" man, lack of energy, etc. Along with changing our lifestyle, we have eaten the following breakfast for the past 9 years: bacon and/or sausages, eggs (real eggs), fresh strawberries and a few blueberries, black coffee and one prune :) How do we do that? We have a breakfast tray set up in our refrigerator (what we used to use as a cookie sheet :), the water and coffee grounds are put in the coffee maker the night before, the table is set the night before. We get up around 5:30 a.m. and go to the gym to work out. When we get home we find it very easy to make our nutritious, low carb breakfast.
Within the first 9 months of eating low carb, my husband lost 80 pounds, he came off the insulin in about 3 months, came off neurotin for the pain of the neuropathy, eliminated the neuropathy down to a once in a while twinge, no more night sweats, no more irritability or anger - just the sweet, wonderful funny man I married 51 years ago. :)
I hope this helps.

tisdell 2012-01-27 15:12:35 -0600 Report

Yes your story is a big help to me I'm going through the same things that your husband went through right now,I take 90 unit in the morning and 93 unit in the evening.I wrote the names of the books down and I'm going to get them,after reading your story today I'm going to start on a low crab diet,I lose weigh and then gain it back,I go back to the doctor next month for my three month check up and I'm going to talk to my doctor. And thank you!

squog master
squog master 2012-01-24 19:22:45 -0600 Report

I like to put a little peanut butter on my toast. Or instead of toast I'll go with peanut butter & a serving of crackers or pretzels. Sometimes I just go with a whey protein shake. Sometimes I'll have a cheese stick & serving of crackers.

lisaloo2429 2012-01-24 10:47:46 -0600 Report

Sometimes when my tummy is feeling yucking I'll have a slice of Ezekiel toast w/a tbsp of almond butter and half of an apple. That usually helps and it also fills me up. Or I'll have an Atkins protein bar. I luv breakfast so when I'm feeling good I'll eat some steel cut oatmeal w/almond milk and some walnuts.

Young1s 2012-01-22 13:07:35 -0600 Report

Since you only have the one slice of bread a day, maybe you can make an opened faced sandwich. Try melting some cheese on it and topping it with the turkey and some tomato slices. The peanut butter and banana is tasty too. Or you could try some vegie spread or cream cheese (my favorite is strawberry) on top of half of a whole grain or onion bagel.

You may also want to try fresh fruit. Just combine your favorites and maybe sprinkle some nuts, granola or whole grain cereal over the top. Or a hard boiled egg. Or maybe a fruit smoothie, made with milk, for a change of pace from the coffee.

pixsidust 2012-01-23 12:43:55 -0600 Report

All good thoughts!

Lydickk 2012-01-22 06:40:49 -0600 Report

Probably not your favorite item but why not add a cup of milk? In addition to the calcium it also has hidden protein that slows down glucose absorption. You could also try suffering through a small piece of fruit. Try 1/2 a small banana, 10 grapes, a small apple, etc. It would add fiber and slow down glucose absorption.

Caroltoo 2012-01-21 17:09:32 -0600 Report

Sugar probably stays out of whack, because you have no protein source in your breakfast.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-01-24 05:52:13 -0600 Report

I do kashi whole wheat waffles with peanut butter along with some sugar free syrup, just a bit. Tastes great! I also add sliced fruit sometimes strawberries can't eat bananas will send my BGs way up!

tisdell 2012-01-21 17:12:59 -0600 Report

What can I do about it?

Caroltoo 2012-01-21 20:36:54 -0600 Report

Do you like peanut butter on toast…that's a protein source like Temi mentioned.

Another option to add to your toast and coffee would be a scoop of whey powder in your coffee. It comes in flavors. I use chocolate or vanilla in my coffee. It is the equavalent of one meal's worth of protein.

I find protein brings my BGs down and any bread drives mine up and off the charts. Putting them together helps to moderate the response.

Are there any other proteins that you like? Some people use turkey bacon, I like a simple piece of chicken or beef, also eggs.

If you just stick to coffee and toast, you will continue to have a problem, so find whatever protein you can stand to eat. Not to many ideas here, unless you are willing to consider something besides toast.