reduction of insulin

By msann Latest Reply 2008-11-09 08:54:34 -0600
Started 2008-11-08 23:12:41 -0600

i am losing weight, so now i reduce my insulin injection, has anyone out there experienced this while losing pounds, down to 28 units lantus

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caspersmama 2008-11-09 08:54:34 -0600 Report

I am losing weight now also because I habe been able to stop using insulin. Just this week I have lost 6 pounds. Insulin had put so much weight on now I am excited about losing it. That also helps in making me make even smarter food choices. Good luck to you.

kdroberts 2008-11-08 23:58:14 -0600 Report

Diet and exercise are two of the biggest factors in blood sugar control, far more than insulin or drugs. It's not uncommon for a type 2 to have a reduction in medication after they make diet and exercise changes. However, diabetes is progressive so it maybe down the road you have to increase through no fault of your own.

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