Linseed, what is it and what is it used for, is it helpful?

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Greetings friends.

I would like to ask my group of friends if they used linseed? over the past number of months i have been experienceing a lot of discomfort with my stomach , i have been prescribed 3 different medications and none have improved my condition. I have been to the doctor a number of times and becasue i am only 23 he will not refer me for an investigation.

Basicaly i am suffering extreme constipation, my diet is healthy however lately because my stomach is in discomfort i am not eating enogh during the day and this has a negative effect on my sugar levels.

So the doctor has told me to get linseed and see will it have any affect. What id like to ask is -what is it first of all( becasue i cant seem to find a direct answer from the net), and does anyone who uses it find it any good?

Id really appricate any input, i have been struugling with this since last August and i really to get to the bottom of it! Any other suggestions are welcome, im willing to try anything at this point!!

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