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I am getting ready to join a gym try to help with my sugar levels lose some weight I don't get any real answers from my doctor
Endo appointment in march
My questions are
I am running pretty low now a days. (on a low carb if any diet)
If I am low do I eat a snack ( if so what kind and how much and how long before)
I see some people say that they can experience highs 4-8 hours after (I thought excersiIng was to being our levels down) ( I didn't know it could raise bg levels
Any comments. 

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joe_h 2012-01-19 10:13:46 -0600 Report

if you got low. I go w/ 15 grams of carbs and recheck my sugars 15minutes later to see if I need more. I try to fight the binge message my brain sends to avoid going high but it's a tough urge to fight. usually exercise does lower blood sugars by burning off extra blood glucose and makes you more insulin sensitive but with INTENSE workouts your body may release adrenaline and that can cause a sugar spike but for the most part exercise is good for burning off sugar, weight (and stress) take care of yourself!

MewElla 2012-01-18 13:47:06 -0600 Report

I get out ea day for exercise-I walk with a pedometer for 5 miles. Prior to going out, I have some high protein like string cheese, or cracker with PntButter; carry snacks/water with me in little pouch along with water. When I get back sometimes, have dropped quickly…I drink some o j/or regular coke, test immediately, wait 15 minutes and test again. Usually, this will react the fastest and I will be back up in 15 minutes. I do get slight warning, off center,slightly dizzy, disoriented, irrirated, and very shaky with small headache. It is scary. Never had bg go up after exercise though…

Caroltoo 2012-01-18 13:34:21 -0600 Report

I am type 2 w/out meds or insulin. I exercise for general fitness, weight loss, and to keep my BG down. My lowest is mid-80's (usual range is 90, before a meal -120, after a meal), so I don't have worries about being too low.

I've heard people onsite, who use insulin, say they eat something about 1/2 hr. before they exercise so they won't go too low. This is much more of an issue with folks like you, who are using insulin … so I wish one of them would respond to your question!!!!

I havn't had my BG go up after exercise. I can usually feel (sweat) when mine turns and comes down, then I exercise for about another half hour. I would speculate, that even if you got a temporary increase because of the type of exercise and your body's response to it, that the long range effect of exercise, will still be to stabilize your BGs in a tighter range (lows not so low and highs not so high). The tighter range is healther that having the extremes.