My 1 Year Diaversary

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So, one year ago today I was given my Diabetes Type II diagnosis. I don't know an exact date for when my Diabetes developed, but I know that it was sometime between April 2010 (had bloodwork done & my numbers were normal at that time) and January 2011 ( had bloodwork done & my numbers were not normal). And based on symptoms I can even narrow that down a little more. We took our grandkids to Disney World in late May 2010 and I had no symptoms but by Thanksgiving I was experiencing hypoglycemic lows. So I have it narrowed down to a five month span of time. I'm going to lean closer to the end of that 5 month span since my symptoms are probably a good indicator. So we could say Fall 2010.

So much has changed in this past year with regards to my health and diet. I now know a lot of numbers regarding glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and the likes that I had no clue about before my diagnosis. I was already on blood pressure medicine, but I just took the pill every day - no real knowledge or concern what the numbers were or meant. I was also on meds for my triglycerides. And again, I was just taking the pill - let the pill take care of the number. But once I was told I had Diabetes I realized that any and all of the health issues I was taking meds for would all become more important simply because Diabetes tends to complicate most health issues.

I also now know how, when and why to test my glucose. Who would have thought that pricking my finger daily would become such a non-event? But after the first few weeks it pretty much became a non-event. I do it almost without thought now. In fact, my 7 year old grand-daughter does the finger prick for me when she is here. For some reason she loves helping me with my Diabetes - be it fthe finger prick or reminding me that I can't eat sugar (not that I do anymore, but she will ask for a snack and tell me she would like a Kit Kat Candy Bar end then say "But you can't have it cause it has sugar, right?").

And, when first diagnosed, my BG (645) and A1C (12.46) were both so high that I was immediately put on Metformin and Insulin injections. And while the injections never became a non-event, it did get easier before it got better. Initially I had a herder time injecting myself so I had my husband do my injections, but God love him, I know he cared and I know he meant well, but I think he became too complacent after a few weeks and I started feeling the injections more than I thought I should. I knew that I needed to tough-up and do this myself. It wasn't all that bad and I actually got pretty good at it. But fortunately I was also making major changes to my diet and exercise and was able to get my blood glucose numbers into control well enough that I came off the insulin completely. Current A1c is 5.7 and BG stays pretty close to normal with the exception of breakfast (cereal, you know - but I had to eliminate eggs and breakfast meats due to cholesterol issues).

With continued diet modification (I can't say continued exercise since that has more or less fallen to the way-side - but honestly, who wants to stand in their den and do exercises all alone day after day - it is just so uninspiring and un-motivating to me.), but anyway, with continued diet I have managed to keep my BG controlled well enough that I eventually came off the Metformin also. Coming off Metformin was primarily to address major hair loss I was experiencing. I was shedding worse than a sheep dog in the dead of summer in South Alabama. I could walk from my bedroom to my kitchen and drop no less than 10 hairs on the way - and that is a short stroll in my tiny house. And, having now been off Metformin for a few months my hair loss has subsided. If ever my BG becomes too hard to control without meds I will address the hair loss issue at that time. But until then, I will stay the course and hope my diet keeps my glucose in good control for a long long time.

So, that brings me to my One Year Diaversary - and I now consider my Diabetes to be a non-event. It is a fact of life and a pert of who I am, but all in all it is currently just the impetus behind my diet choices. I will never eat sugar as I once did and I will forever choose diet drinks over regular drinks (something I wanted no part of prior to my diagnosis) and I will be selective and limiting in regard to carb foods.

My next goal is to reach my 5 year Diaversary without having to get back on any Diabetes meds.

I also want to thank everyone here on Diabetes Connect for helping me through that first year. I have read so much great, helpful and caring information on this site. This is truly a "new" diabetics greatest resource outside of their own medical team. Thanks all!

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digitaldoorbell 2012-01-18 17:41:45 -0600 Report

This is wonderful news and should inspire everyone here (particularly the newbies who understandably are very afraid when first diagnosed). The one thing I really like about what you said is that diabetes doesn't define you. I NEVER refer to myself as "diabetic." Perhaps that seems like denial; but, like you, I control BG with food and exercise. It is a condition that I am living with that makes me choose a healthier lifestyle and pay closer attention to my health.
I think you're this site's hero of the day!

All the best.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2012-01-17 09:10:54 -0600 Report

I'm so proud of you !!! You are doing a wonderful job of managing your Diabetes!!! Such a great example to others. You should write a guideline for others who are in the same place you were in when you found out about your Diabetes. You are living proof it works !!! - Bless You

MewElla 2012-01-17 09:02:33 -0600 Report

Best of Luck to you…you have really done a great job taking control since your diagnosis!!

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