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I saw Paula Dean today on NBC stating she has diabetes. She said she took non insulin injection has anyone heard of this.

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Lizardfan 2012-02-28 15:34:05 -0600 Report

Paula is a spokesperson for Victoza. I used Byetta for six years successfully until diabetes progression caused a rise in my blood sugars and now I have switched to Bydureon the once a week injection. Byetta and Bydureon are made from SYNTHETIC lizard spit, not the real spit. I also had quite a bit of nausea when I first started Byetta, stuck with it and have no nausea issues at all now.

2012-02-28 13:55:47 -0600 Report

I, too, was also on Byetta. But got extremely sick when I was on it. (passed out while driving. Thank gawd my niece was w/me. She stepped on the brake, flipped on the hazzards climbed int my lap, and took over the captain's seat. Pulled over to the side of the road. Was so grateful that she just got her license.

MrsCDogg 2012-01-21 07:42:13 -0600 Report

Yes there is one medicine for diabetes that is injectible which is called Byetta. It is supposed to help to lose weight too. I used it for several months but was sick the whole time. It is made from the saliva from a lizard of some sort. No wonder it made me sick!! lol

Gramabiese 2012-01-19 18:20:34 -0600 Report

Wow. I guess that is how I feel today. I have had type 2 diabetes for 7 yrs now and up until this last Nov. was on Metphormine and my counts were good, and my A1-C was always at 7. Well in Nov it went to 7.4 and immediately I was put on glipiside also. And automatically on LIpitor and a blood pressure med. Being told they all go together. All of what you each had to say was so interesting and has made me question myself now. One of you said your levels were high and you were put on metphormine and after losing weight yougot off of it. I was told that once you are on it you will be for the rest of your life. My Dr told me I was not overweight, although I went to Weight Watchers just as a guest and they told me I WAS! So now with all of the advice and suggestions I have read on this board, I will be losing weight and proving this doctor wrong. thank you all for your words. You encourged me and you weren't even aware. do keep speaking as there is always someone out there listening. and thanks.

As for Paula Deen, I need to comment, first off she may have been in denial thinking next time she goes it'd disappear like magic. But it irritates me that people who can afford any drug that is out there, get it for free because they are a celebrity. And people who can't afford it, just go without sometimes. so I can see her being a spokeperson, but then I'd like to see her donate at least some of what she gets for doing it, to an organization that helps those who cant help themselves.

Also diabetes is not all about cutting sugar. that is a myth. It is sugar but also other things. and each individual has different things going on in their body. For me the carbs bother me worse than the sugar. So I need to find out about the carbs and how to count them and where they all are in foods that are fresh that don't have a label to read.

Just my thoughts.

stemplin 2012-01-19 17:13:20 -0600 Report

One t hing with Paula Deen is I hope she feels she can deal with this. Lookign at her website cutting calories isnt what diabetes is about …IT IS cutting SUGAR !!! …I hope she can see that cause playing with your health isnt good idea …my husband was in denial and finally see what do …with watching his eating habits …Carbs can be harmful to some of us hard to loose weight when you have to watch them. …My husband loves Stevia in his tea…Hope Paula can use that …GOOD LUCK to you ALL here …take it one day at a time we do …S

GabbyPA 2012-01-19 09:57:48 -0600 Report

Paula Dean is the spokes person for Victoza
It is similar to Byetta or Januvia.

Here are some news articles on the new drug.

I don't see her as an embarrassment. There are many celebrities that don't share personal struggles with disease, and I cannot say I blame them. Perhaps her partnership with Victoza is because it really helps keep her levels in control?

Her cooking style is not what I would emulate, but we all know that while our food choices may affect our diabetes, they are not the singular cause to getting diabetes. I believe that her battle is going to flush out many of the erroneous myths of diabetes. The crudeness of her critics show how misunderstood diabetes is. They, in the end, will be the ones who are embarrassed. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone....they should be supporting her.

Her one comment on the Today Show that touched my heart was "When I die, and people look at my life, I want them to see HOPE" We should all think that way.

Lizardfan 2012-02-28 16:08:02 -0600 Report

Love your post Gabby! I love southern cooking, but moderation is the key in all things for my diabetes management. I could never eat the way she cooks all the time, but once in awhile it is wonderful. Usually we will make something that we really like at a holiday meal or a celebration, not every day cooking.

I can't believe how people that are not diabetics think that her cooking is the only reason she is diabetic and use the diagnosis to score points and put her down for it. Some of her fellow chefs have really been guilty of this. I think she is charming.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-01-19 17:56:49 -0600 Report

I think she should have told about her diabetes first, and how she is struggling with the diagnosis, wait awhile, then jump on the spokesperson bandwagon and use her celebrity to do some good. I think what annoyed her "critics" as you say, is it seemed like she didn't take diabetes seriously and at the sametime found another way to make a profit. That may not be how she intended it to be, but it is what it is. I'm sure she wished she had done it differently.

I am a huge Paula Deen fan, but must say I never cooked her meals as I know how unhealthy they are, but she is a good entertainer. Her sister in laws dessert shop was in my town and wonderful. I have moved from that state and am well aware of southern cooking.

I hope she eventually puts out books for diabetics, but I won't hold my breath:)

Somoca 2012-01-19 05:55:52 -0600 Report

I think Paula Deen is an embarrassment to our community. Undercover about her diabetes for 3yrs. OK, that's her business. BUT NOW she is being paid and she's all over the place like the common cold at a daycare. Psst.Child Please. Fake .

tabby9146 2012-01-18 18:00:36 -0600 Report

My diabetes educator wanted me to think about taking Byetta, as soon as I diagnosed, once I began the classes, i said no, maybe later, I am losing weight and doing well, and even my doctor suggested it, of course my doctor put me on metformin at the very beginning, when it was caught in early stages and I had 35 lbs, to lose don't like how they put everyone on something, some need it at first, but some might not, I got off the pills in 3 months, glad I never started byetta, I don't trust some of that stuff anyway and it was new at the time too, so the newer ones I especially did not trust. never heard of this victoza.

newyork922 2012-01-19 12:48:51 -0600 Report

i was on byetta for a yearand it always made me nauoues now i am on januevia and metformin and my numbers were off the charts I have lupus and when they put me on prednisone it elevated my number to over 500 had to go to ER dr put me on glipiside to lower number but it didnt help i was in a bad flare with my lupus and my endrocronologist put me on levemir insulin . being on prednisone has made me gain over 70 lbs altho i have been dieting it wouldnt come off and made my number crazy im hoping that this will stablize my numbers and i can lose the weight

2012-01-18 13:59:13 -0600 Report

I remember being put on Byetta. Did me no good. But I'm surprised that with the way Paula Deen cooks, that she has lasted this long w/o being diagnosed. I ate at her restaurant once, the food was good, but I'm sure it ruined my arteries for darn sure!! Did it once, but never again. A lb. of butter per recipe would put anyone's heath in jeopardy.

kdroberts 2012-01-17 21:23:58 -0600 Report

As said, she takes victoza, it's a drug very similar to Byetta. The jury is still out on it, very expensive with no better overall results than other drugs and may increase your chances of thyroid cancer and pancreatitis. There is some thought that it can be used for type 1s in combination with insulin but I don't really see the point.

I don't care for the drug endorsement but she has a great opportunity to educate a lot of people, hopefully she will.

daisy1 2012-01-17 20:53:19 -0600 Report

I looked on the internet and what she uses is a medication called victoza. Her picture is on their website. Isn't it a shame that instead of letting the world know and trying to use her fame as a way to help other diabetics she hid it for three years before saying anything about it. Maybe she will do more to help the diabetic community now though.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-01-17 21:25:42 -0600 Report

In case you didn't follow her announcement info, she is a paid spokesperson for Victoza. I guess she didn't want to tell us for fear of a drop in earnings. But, anyone with commonsense would know her meals are not healthy in the least bit, so it's not news that she would be in this situation.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-01-17 19:26:18 -0600 Report

Yes, it is a medicine used to treat type 2 only. Paula is using one brand who are paying her to promote it, This drug is usually not used with insulin. Type 1 don't use it. There are a few others available and they may be used with Lantus.

Typically these drugs are used with diet and exercise and help to reduce A1c and weight lose also may occur, but they shouldn't be used for weight loss only. Type 2 people have a chance of eliminationg the diabetes through diet and exercise.Type 1's have to use insulin to lower our bg and A1c, we watch our diet to help keep our bg levels in range daily along with the insulin.

Denisency213 2012-01-17 19:34:14 -0600 Report

I've been on metformin for a month it's working ok . I wonder if this would be better a1c is 12 but I was recently diagnosised

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-01-17 19:51:43 -0600 Report

I can't answer that as I have only used insulin, I am a type 1 juvenile, for way more years then I like to think about:) I was just looking at the drug Paula uses and it has alot of issues with it and even stated it should not be used before other methods and when used it is because the condition's needs exceed the risks. Doesn't sound encouraging to me. Ask your dr and see what he thinks, and there maybe other type 2's that can help you with the metformin use.

Good luck.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-17 11:07:08 -0600 Report

I remember last year when several chefs attacked her for the fatty foods she makes. I am wondering if she will now change to meals designed for diabetics.

Dixiemom 2012-01-18 20:07:24 -0600 Report

I remember many years ago there was a chef on tv called the Gallopping Gourmet, aka Graham Kerr. He too used a lot of butter and a lot of wine. I used to watch him as he was quite entertaining. Several years ago he revised his recipes to be more healthy. So, if he can do it, I'm sure Paula can too. It would be nice if that would happen.

Denisency213 2012-01-17 19:35:27 -0600 Report

I don't blame her for not saying anything I think any illness is a personnel matter.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-17 20:29:45 -0600 Report

Interesting. If any illness is a personal matter, why are you here seeking help with a medical problem? There are sites and groups designed for all kinds of illnesses both physical and mental. This lets people who may not have family or friends with the medical illness to learn from others, make friends with people with the same illness and more importantly they know that they are not alone.

I don't pay any attention to celebrities because I don't care about what is going on in their over published lives an many are not good role models for children or young adults. Paula Dean is in a position where she can help other diabetics by changing her meals to diabetic friendly meals which in the end will benefit not only diabetics but anyone watching her show who want to eat healthy. She didn't have to tell anyone however, suppose she had a problem at an appearance. It would have become public at some point. The thing about secrets are they are only secret as long as you are the only person who knows it. Once the cat is out of the bag, you can't always put it back.

People will tell others they have an illness mainly to make family and friends aware of what is going on with them. Paula Dean wanted her fans to know. No one should suffer in silence because they don't want anyone to know they have a medical problem.

tabby9146 2012-01-18 17:51:23 -0600 Report

I am with you on the fact that I do not pay any attention to celebrities, most of them want all this attention and they do have over published lives for sure. Maybe Paul Deen was shamed of it, as many of us are when we are diganosed, and that could have been part of the reason she did not say she had it, but I also think she should not have been pushing all of this high fat high sugar cooking , when she knew she had it, the last three years. That was wrong.

countrygal2345 2012-01-18 20:27:41 -0600 Report

I agree with you there Tabby, that was wrong in her to keep pushing such an unhealthy style of eating all this time knowing she was diabetic. She also kept pushing the fact that her sons were NOW into the healthy style of cooking. Who is she trying to kid, herself.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-18 19:43:19 -0600 Report

I totally agree. Now she is a paid spokesperson for Novo Nordisk. I read about her feud with Anthony Bourdain when he said she was the most dangerous person in America. The thing is as adults we had the choice not to eat the kinds of foods she prepared which I don't think Bourdain considered when he made the statement. If I were her, I would have taken the salary and donated it to the American Diabetes Association and changed all of my recipes to more diabetic friendly types we all could enjoy if we chose to do so.

Denisency213 2012-01-18 11:56:30 -0600 Report

I feel like for her since she is a chef who's claim to fame is not exactly healthy . In my personal life I chose only to inform my closest friends having diabetes is hard enough without having people judge u or u become the butt of their jokes. I'm on this site because I need the support and again my choice

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-18 12:30:26 -0600 Report

Denise I worked in a hospital for years. The most unhealthy people I have met are doctors and nurses. This is probably followed by police and emergency workers. I know some of the most unhealthiest food I ate was doing clinicals with the Fire Dept. We ate what we could when we could.

Caroltoo 2012-01-18 13:41:59 -0600 Report

That is soooo true! Stories I could tell too, but won't … suffice it to say these are the professions where we see the highest rate of divorce and the lowest level of selfcare. Thankfully, this is not true of all, but seen too many times. It's sad to see our helping professions not taking advantage of the knowledge and help they have to offer others.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-18 12:25:23 -0600 Report

Denise as an African American, I have been judged all my life. My mother could take my sister and I downtown and into the stores but we could not try on anything, as a kid I sat beside a white woman on the bus and she got up held her nose and moved and my first English teacher in Jr. High was also white. The first thing he said was I know many of you can not read so I am having a spelling test. I was the only kid in the class who got all of the words correct and told him my mother and father taught me to read when I was 2 years old. Please don't talk to me about being judged until you take a walk in my shoes. I was judged because of the color of my skin. It still happens today. I am not being rude but that is how my life is and it is very real. I agree with you being here is your choice and I respect that. Everyone needs support in some way at some point in their lives. I am glad you are here because it tells me you care enough about yourself to know you need support.

Denise don't you ever concern yourself with being judged by others. I don't at all nor do I care if I am the butt of their jokes. I don't hate anyone for any reason. It takes too much time and energy to do so. I am a strong, intelligent female and I walk proudly down the street with my head held high.

People who judge others do so for any number of reasons. People who make fun of others do this because laughing at others keeps them from facing their problems. Stay strong and always be the best you can be. Remember beign diabetic isn't hard unless you make it hard. Control diabetes and don't let it control you.

Young1s 2012-01-21 08:46:19 -0600 Report

I know your frustration but Denise has a right to her feelings and should be able to express them freely without being told that they are any less than someone else's. I'm sure that wasn't your intention to imply this but that's how it read to me. I'm not starting anything, I'm just saying.

With that said, I agree that the judgments and ridicule of others should be taken with a grain of salt and/or just be ignored. My time and energy can be better spent on more important things, as well. However, it took me years to realize that I don't have to let what others say or think of me have an effect on my self image or self esteem. But when I did…very freeing moment, indeed.

watson4042 2012-01-20 23:54:45 -0600 Report

i agree with everything you just wrote! i wasn't in on the start of this discussion, but have to ask this , why is race an issue when we are all here as brothers/sisters in diabetes? if we are still talking about paula deen, ok. she has the right to keep it on the down low if she chooses. with the new cooking show of her son's "not my mommas cooking" it may be an intro into a new side of paula. im sure she's had editors and producers who urged her not to admit to diabetes as that could hurt sales/ratings. maybe she's been in denial, maybe she's just gotten her numbers down and is feeling empowered to help. we can't know and i don't feel we should is afterall, her life.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-21 16:15:55 -0600 Report

Nancy when it comes to race and medical care, African Americans are on the lower end of the ladder. Depending on where you live,your financial status and level of education, doctors will not test you for diabetes or cholestoral unless you ask to be tested and then they will ask you why you want to be tested. If you have a heart related or diabetes related health issue then you will be tested. Several years ago, a study was done which showed doctors are more likely to give African Americans Tylenol or ibuprofin for pain as opposed to other pain medication. For example, I went in for surgical prep for my hand. The doctor told me he would give me Tylenol for after surgery care. I told him I needed something stronger than that and he said he would give me ibuprofin or aspirin, I told him I could not take those. After I told him about the study, he gave me percocet.

As for Paula Dean, I saw a news report Wednesday or Thursday she has stated that it upset her that other diabetics now think she is a hypocrit because she has know she was diabetic and still prepared unhealthy meals on her show. I didn't watch her show then and I still have no plans to watch it now.

watson4042 2012-01-22 02:13:26 -0600 Report

hello, friend! it's true, but hard to belive a double standard still exists to this day. it's very disappointing. i wasn't raised that way. i was taught all people were equal and deserving of love and respect. how can people say they are christians and treat some people as poorly has they have be in past or present times? but i doublt, sadly, that it change. i feel very sorry for anyone who excludes have of a population, be it race or gender or sexual preferance; they are truly missing some of the worlds wonderful people and could be missing out on alot of great friends and experiences just because they can't open their eyes and smell the coffee. it is a shame. sorry if i got on my high horse and preached a little, but the double standard hurts me heart and soul. nanct

tabby9146 2012-01-18 17:55:32 -0600 Report

so sorry you were treated that way Joyce. no one should be, no one deserves to be at all. I have always hated that happened in our history, well I am sure to some extent it still happens, some people are still racist of course, but those things were terrible, I was raised differently. I am white and raised that we are all equal , and all equal in the sight of God, and my parents were 'not' racist at all, and had friends, so I grew up loving everyone and not being against anyone because of their race, religion or anything else. So thankful for that! I can't stand it when I run across or read about, anyone who is hateful. Those last two paragraphs Joyce, you go girl!! I'm with you 100% <3

tabby9146 2012-01-18 17:57:32 -0600 Report

most people who judge others harshly, or just hateful for whatever reasons, hate themselves, or have very unhappy lives, for anyone going through hard times with such a person (not referring to anyone here, any conversation on here just saying) remember that. I have not even read most of the comments on this thread or been here for days.

Denisency213 2012-01-18 12:56:01 -0600 Report

I would never let diabetes control me as far as being judged we are all judged in some way or another. Whether it is your skin color ,weight age etc. I was not not trying to speak on your life in particular . God bless

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-18 12:26:40 -0600 Report

She has her opinion as we all do. I respect her opinion and my question was an honest question which is why I asked it. It was not being rude it was being up front and honest.

Old-n-Grey-n-Wiser 2012-01-18 11:17:22 -0600 Report

Another word that seems to hand to hand with Diabetes's is Denial, and this can last for years. Granted she will make a buck or two from it now, but if it helps our cause and bring diabetics to the forefront I'm all for it.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-01-18 20:44:46 -0600 Report

I totally agree with you Tom, I think it would be best for her to maybe admit that through many years of overeating and abusing her body she could be a
Positive role model for others, kind of "look at me and don't make the mistakes". Unfortunately she won't do that she'll make more money from this instead of becoming an advocate! Shame on her if this is what happens, not saying it will, BUT we'll see!

Caroltoo 2012-01-17 21:36:02 -0600 Report

Perhaps it would have been better framing to say: sharing about any illness is a personal choice. Paula Deen's not obligated to tell us. Hopefully she can use this situation to cast some helpful light on diabetes, but only time will tell. She is in a position to influence many. Making a deal to front for a medicine and then saying she will produce a diabetic cookbook doesn't really sound altruistic.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-17 23:10:37 -0600 Report

I would never have known about her had I not been watching the news. I usually flip channels when the discussion turns to celebrities because I have no interest in their lives and I probably will never know what she does unless someone tells me. However, I think she will do as you stated front a medicine first and maybe a cookbook. She is in a position to influence people but she also stated she has had it for 2 years and knew nothing about it.

countrygal2345 2012-01-18 20:41:03 -0600 Report

We sure didn't hear the same news program or the same personal remark.
I heeard her today on a news program, and she said she has known about it for 3 years but had said nothing because you was learning how to best manage it.

countrygal2345 2012-01-18 20:43:05 -0600 Report

I to hope she uses it for the good of the people and not the good of her pocketbook. She should have come forward already seeing as how she knew 3 yrs. ago that she was diagnosed with it.

MewElla 2012-01-17 08:55:54 -0600 Report

No, not me…have not heard of non insulin injection…

countrygal2345 2012-01-18 20:44:42 -0600 Report

I must say, I have never heard of non insulin injection myself. But, it could be with the way things are advancing so rapidily.

Denisency213 2012-01-18 20:49:44 -0600 Report

I was just wondering cause I hate what metformin does to my stomach but my goal is to come off of meds and control with diet and exercise

Somoca 2012-01-19 06:01:22 -0600 Report

This is what I do. I like my kidneys and I would like to keep them. So I watch my food intake and I exercise 1.5 hours a week. I know when I cheat and I quickly resolve it and move on. Diet and Exercise can keep it in check but it requires discipline. You can do it.

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