let us share our way and type of food we eat

By Surgeon Latest Reply 2008-11-09 12:17:20 -0600
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hello, everybody
in order to achieve the aim of living friendly with our diabetes…i have an idea, let us share our blood sugar control by telling the medication we took and the items of our diet with the glucometer readings before meal and 2 hours after meal…i think this will help to correct some of the faults in our treatments…thanks

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SkipT 2008-11-08 15:48:40 -0600 Report

I am a type 2, diet control and exercise. No meds. This morning prior to breakfast I was 95. Breakfast was two eggs cooked in lard, three slices of SPAM and decaf coffee with heavy cream and stevia. Two hours fasting was 81.

Bluebutterfly 2008-11-08 17:56:41 -0600 Report

I am type II also. I had I egg fried in pam and a little canola oil.I slice thin ham 1/2 cup grits with butter,and 1 tablespoon jelly 1 biscuit. Two hour fastin was 169.(not good).I usually don't eat much breakfast except on weekends.I did for get the coffee with nin dairy creamer and equal

Surgeon 2008-11-09 10:47:22 -0600 Report

my comment is that breakfast is very important and carb need to be about 60%, yr fasting bs is not good probably because of yr medication need to be reviewed,and probably yr dinner was heavy…take care…thanks

Surgeon 2008-11-09 10:51:21 -0600 Report

my comment is that the post prandial bs is low and take care of the hypoglycemia , our aim that 2 hours after meal the bs should be arround 120…thanks

SkipT 2008-11-09 11:55:48 -0600 Report

Actually our 2 hr post number should be lower than 120 and 80 to 85 is the number that a normal persons bg returns to, so I am actually in a very good range.

caspersmama 2008-11-09 12:17:20 -0600 Report

wow 120 my doctor said anything below 150 was good for me. I will ask him next time. so far without the insulin I have been in range under 150 all this week. Do you all know what I had for a snack this morning some carrots and green olives stuffed with garlic. they are extremely low in carbs and the vinegar thay are soaked in helps too. tonight I am going to try a baked potatoe with chili on top and see what happens. it is turkey chili so it may not be bad.

caspersmama 2008-11-08 15:23:05 -0600 Report

I think for all of us to do this. we are going to have to tell if we are type 1 or 2. insulin or not. diet controlled or not. I have just gotten off of insulin because my A1c was low enough for my doctor to say ok. I am type 2. I take 2 different diabetes pills. 1 is janumet and the other is Amaryl. Today my morning b/s was 109. I ate scrambled eggs with pumpernickle toast. after all meds and 2 hours later it was 122. before lunch it was 112 and I had italian wedding soup from healthy harvest. I will let you all know what the rest of the day holds. Is this post what you had in mind?

Surgeon 2008-11-08 15:57:01 -0600 Report

Dear ilvtony20
thanks, good start,the way you live with your diabetes is great…let us help the others …it doesnot matter type 1 or 2 ,if everyone know how to achieve good control of his bs…
thanks again

caspersmama 2008-11-09 08:32:55 -0600 Report

For dinner we went to Captain D's for seafood. I had some shrimp scampi with fried okra and red skin potatoes. 2 hours later my b/s was 146. I thought that was great. Since being off the insulin this week. I have lost 6 pounds now. Starting today my b/s was 109. Took meds had 2 cups of coffee and 1 pop tart. Going to see what happens with that. It had more carbs than I needed. We will see. Have a good day all.

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