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I received this in my email from Sparkpeople. They're good snack ideas, whether faced with a busy schedule or in need of something to tide you over til your next meal. A few of these aren't D friendly (such as the rice cakes or dried fruit) but easily adjustable or omitted.

"Eating is no longer an activity only experienced around the table with friends and family. Quick, how many times this past week have you eaten on the run? No place is safe either – the car, your desk, maybe even the shower! Our time is strapped and we need food that’s easy to grab ‘n’ go. And during this mad-chaos of finding food on our way out the door, one detail is easy to forget – making sure that the choices we make are healthy."

What other food(s) have you found to be a delicious and healthy snack.

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Kirla 2012-01-16 10:13:27 -0600 Report

I use a lot of what was mentioned in the article. Nuts, peanuts and sunflower seeds work good for me. Sometimes a hardboiled egg works also. When I can’t eat on time I will sometimes drink a low carb protein drink. I have several cases of the Atkins low carb shakes. I think they taste good and they help tie me over for a couple of hours if I find myself missing a meal. I also have low carb cake I make out of soy flour. I make a cake every week to 10 days and will have a small piece everyday with lunch. But when I need something quick I can always eat a piece for a snack whenever I like. If you can’t use soy there are hundreds of recipes using almond flour. Just have to google almond flour recipes and you will have hundreds of recipes.

Young1s 2012-01-16 10:38:26 -0600 Report

Thank you for the reply Kirla. I also drink a low carb protein shake on occasion. Not too often though because it spikes my BG's but they're great in a pinch. I was reading earlier about all the yummy things you make out of soy flour, way to go. Quick question, do you find that the soy isn't good for bread because it doesn't rise properly?

Kirla 2012-01-16 11:15:05 -0600 Report

I’m surprised to hear that the protein drinks spike your blood sugar. Not all protein drinks are low carb. The ones I use have just 1 or 2 net carbs per serving. The only time they might spike my blood sugar is in the morning. Sometimes they will spike my blood sugar 40-50 points only in the morning. But they’re still better than anything I have tried to date. Except maybe some bacon sausage and egg. But who has time to make them everyday. Plus I read an article
were some researchers claim that drinking a low carb protein shake first thing in the morning can help reduce any spikes from the second meal of the day. It seems to work for me.

I never tried using soy flour for making bread because I read somewhere that it wouldn’t work. Has to do something with the yeast not working with it. I had a recipe I was going to try that claimed to make low carb bread that used some soy flour in the recipe. The recipe was kind of complicated and one day I used the soy flour to make pumpkin pie. I used it for the curst. When I made the pie I couldn’t believe how well it worked. It takes a little work putting the crust in the pan because it has a tendency to break apart but once I pieced it together in the pan it looks just fine. At the time I was using TVP to make my cakes. Shortly after being diagnosed I was looking for something to eat in the morning for breakfast. I had seen a recipe on for TVP oatmeal. I ate that for several months until I realized the protein drinks worked better. I bought 25 pounds of it at bulk foods online. After I stopped making TVP oatmeal I started to look for recipes using the TVP. There isn’t much out there except using it as a meat substitute. That’s when I got the idea to grind it down and use it as flour to make cakes. The cakes came out pretty good. I know use the soy flour because it’s a lot easier to use and I don’t have to grind it. The cakes taste good either way. Still have about 5-10 pounds or so of the TVP. Will need to start using it again soon. Been thinking of using it in meatballs or meat loaf.

Young1s 2012-01-16 11:31:20 -0600 Report

I think it's wonderful that you experiment with your foods to that extent. The TVP might not be such a bad idea for the meatballs and meat loaf. May be a good replacement for the breadcrumbs. I have a suggestion for your pie crust. Get yourself some of those plyable cutting boards. That way you can manuever it and just slide the crust into the pie plate. They come in different colors and cost less that $10. Mine came in a packet of four: I labeled the red one for red meats, white for fish & poultry, green for vegies and the yellow is just labeled other. They're also good for cleaning foods in the sink, which would totally destroy my wooden ones.

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