A QUESTION TO PONDER: what do you want to get from this site?

By Caroltoo Latest Reply 2012-01-27 00:29:42 -0600
Started 2012-01-14 17:35:56 -0600

The answer to this question is probably as varied as the people here on site. I would like for this to be a healing exercise for us, not a devisive one in which we list things that have gone wrong.

I wonder if we can direct our responses to these 3 questions:
1. What brought you to the site?
2. What keeps you on the site?
3. What is the one VERY BEST thing that has happened to you because of this site?

Your thoughtful responses would be appreciated. I've been mulling this one around ever since yesterday. What about your journey and your thoughts about us (because we are the site) would you be willing to share?

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hillwalker 2012-01-27 00:26:47 -0600 Report

1 game site was giving points and the offer of a free meter seemed like a good idea as i was recently diagnosed(never got a meter the people that call seem to want to hijack the precription for strips not changing unless i decide it's better)
2 the true caring i'm very empathic and there are some truly beautiful souls here
3 acceptance that i can make it work
4 the realization that i still have a need to help others

Caroltoo 2012-01-27 00:29:42 -0600 Report

Interesting way to find us! There are some very beautiful and caring souls here, you are right. You can make it work and can share that success in a way that helps others. You are in the right place! Glad you stumbled onto us!!

Type1Lou 2012-01-23 07:57:59 -0600 Report

I joined in the Fall of 2010. I discovered DC when I was looking for info about scary morning low BG's that had been afflicting me for at least 12 months…the last causing an admission to a hospital while on vacation in Idaho.

What keeps me here is the incredible amount of information, experience and support from the community. Also, I enjoy sharing my experiences that may be of help to others here.

The best thing that has happened is the support of friends in dealing with my depression, diagnosed in December 2011. I am also a member of Sleep Connect, Depression Connect and Skin Connect.

Caroltoo 2012-01-23 14:22:07 -0600 Report

There is an incredible amount of information and support here in the community. It is a great place to be. Do you find the other sites are interactive? I tried another one that is and one that seems to be too new. I felt there like I was talking to myself. I will probably stick with it to help build it up, but I've been kind of struggling with it and come back here "to charge my batteries" so to speak.

Type1Lou 2012-01-23 17:10:13 -0600 Report

Dear Carol, I am much more active on this site than the others I joined…probably because Diabetes is such a major part of my current approach to living. I am finding that earlier posts I made on the other sites are getting new responses which I find encouraging. Like you, I just think that DC has a larger membership creating greater activity.

cavie2 2012-01-23 07:12:40 -0600 Report

On the 30th Jan 2011 a friend of mine mentioned he had joined sleep connect as he has sleep apnea, knowing I suffered from Insomnia he mentioned it and I went on to have a look and promptly joined. Around 6 weeks later (mid march) I noticed "visit other Communities" had a look and saw diabetic connect promtly joined basically to be better informed of the condition and get as much help and support as I could, and eventually joined 3 other sites for migraine and pain.

Caroltoo 2012-01-23 14:18:21 -0600 Report

Sounds like you are coming close to your one year d.c. anniversary! Interesting that another health issue would be the route to d.c. Hope your insomnia has improved. Seems that is a crutial step in keeping our BGs down also. Glad you stayed, Cavie, I've enjoyed getting to know you.

Hopes2blueyes 2012-01-23 03:51:10 -0600 Report

I'm here because I saw and advertisement for it on Facebook & figured what the heck & clicked "like"…then I started getting posts on my page so decided to check it out. I am so happy that I did.

I had pretty much ignored my D, but this site has made me want to do something about it. In other words I pulled my head out of…the sand (thought I was gonna say a bad word huh? lol).

I stay here because I am learning from others here and it's great to talk to people that understand D…I personally only know 1 person that is D & trying to get her to join the site.

The best thing this site has given me…Great information…I care about my health again

Caroltoo 2012-01-23 14:15:43 -0600 Report

I am so happy to hear you say you care about your health again…the dividends which will pay off during the rest of your life will be big ones!

You are the first person I've heard mention that they found d.c. through facebook. Sounds like a good way to get the news out there. Hope your friend will also participate online. We'll look forward to meeting her too!

Tamarah1216 2012-01-20 10:08:15 -0600 Report

Hi … What brought me to the site … I was looking for people who may have been experiencing the same things I was going thru at the time I was diagnosed. I was looking for support, wisdom and encouragement. What keeps me on the site … making new friends and watching growth in all of us as we experience life with diabetes. The VERY BEST thing that has happened to me on the site … I would say … the site and the people on the site have helped me uderstand the disease probably better than my doctors. through this site I was able to get a better grip and understanding of what my life was going to be and how it was up to me to not only accept the disease but learning to make it work for me if it that make sense. I learned to want to live a healthier life not only for me but for my son. Thanks… have a great day!!

Caroltoo 2012-01-20 13:20:26 -0600 Report

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Tamarah. If I could summarize the discussion at this point, it would be that we came looking for information in some form, found it and support from some wonderful people, and with that support and information have made our lives better. What a testimonial for what Alliance Health is doing with these websites. I am profoundly grateful that I discovered this site.

I'm sending you a friend invite, cause somehow I don't think we have connected before. Nice to meet you! Hope you will accept.

johnny yuma
johnny yuma 2012-01-19 22:09:55 -0600 Report

I was looking up diabetic apps on my iPhone and was curious what new things I could learn and how many people around the age of 16 were here that I could relate to

Caroltoo 2012-01-20 01:11:03 -0600 Report

Hi, Johnny,

I think diabetes is a great leveler. It really doesn't matter what our age, stage, education, salary, or situation is, cause we all have diabetes and want to learn how to live our lives to the fullest where ever we are in life.

Yes, there are others your age, and for sure you will share a lot in common with them, but know that we are ALL here to support each other. The common enemy isn't our differences, we can laugh and enjoy those, it is our commonality: diabetes.

Hang around. Your insights are refreshing and appreciated. Carol

vgarrison 2012-01-19 08:29:22 -0600 Report

I first came to this site years ago. I was newly diagnosed and scared pooless and this site helped me so very much with everything from what to eat, to how do I talk with my Dr. (I had a really really bad one at the time).

I will admit that there are times when I am away from this site for months on end, but I always gravitate back to it. There are so many people that are on here that actually care about me…it is the best feeling in the world to be able to just jump right back into things!!!

Caroltoo 2012-01-19 13:35:25 -0600 Report

It is an amazing place, isn't it? I never expected to find a group of "virtual" friends who feel so real. It strikes me as vey odd, that I could walk down the steet and pass most of my friends and not even know that they had gone by because the relationships are so vibrant that I forget the distance.

AngieUt 2012-01-18 18:38:28 -0600 Report

I am just newly diagnosed and looking for answers. I find it overwhelming to add this to the load that I carry with a dependent husband, who is a fussy eater and doesn't like vegetables. And the stress that I feel doing all of the household, yard and maintanence chores, plus financial. I have High blood pressure and now this. I am encouraged to read of your successes and it helps me feel that I may be able to get it under control. I appreciate the uplifting responses of everyone.

Lydickk 2012-01-22 08:10:14 -0600 Report

Try envisioning all your household, yard and maintenance chores as your daily exercise plan. Develop a list, check them off as you do them, and add in the total time you spend on each task. Then you can go back at the end of the day, total the time, and see the tremendous amount of exercise that you got without really trying. And remember that all that exercise has a positive, not negative effect on your stress and glucose levels. You can make this a plus for your health instead of looking at it as additional stress. Let me know if reframing the chores help!

Caroltoo 2012-01-19 13:32:55 -0600 Report

Angie, it can feel very overwhelming at times. You will find as you learn more about the diet, exercise, and medications (if you use them), that it becomes less complicated, but it is a huge mound of new knowledge to conquer at first.

As for the other stresses you mention: sounds really familiar. During the last 10 years, my husband has developed Alzheimer's, retired, and is now close to death; I was diagnosed with diabetes. I have been the sole source of financial support, I've had positions that required me to oversee as many as 500 employees and travel to all the islands here on a monthly basis. I also do our housework/ maintenance/repairs, yardwork, and manage the famiy books. Oh, and foster mother to 8 (birth to 18).

There are days that I want to just scream! Others when I disappear and tell everyone that they need to care of themselves for a while. Self care is the bottom line. Take good care of youself FIRST and you will be able to take care of these other things in you life with more grace and caring.

watson4042 2012-01-17 02:33:05 -0600 Report

i came here to get additional info and answers. i didn't expect to find friends and family or a place where i can vent. all of you who have become my friends are cherished so much. and as others daid before me, i can't stay away and feel the need to check at least once a day and sometimes more! love the dc family. (:)

rij061258 2012-01-17 01:13:49 -0600 Report

I came here a year ago, looking for answer to questions I had that my dr didn't tell me about. Like how much carbs to eat and how to tell good from bad carbs. I found not only answers but found a place where I knew I was understood where my family couldn't because they had not dealt with this before. I stay because I have made friends here and if I still have any questions, I know I can get answers or at least suggestions to help me through. This past year has been a totally new experience for me. To have as many med problems diagnoised when I never even knew I was ill. I now have my blood pressure under control, Dr had to add a new med to get it there. Cholestrol is back to normal range and now with the addition of Met, I think we may have my blood sugar under control too.

Caroltoo 2012-01-17 14:17:37 -0600 Report

So many of us have the experience of so little information from our physicians. Makes me wonder why…time, money, lack of training??

Glad you were here when you needed support to get through all these medical challenges. It's something the people on the site do excellently!

roshy 2012-01-16 14:30:58 -0600 Report

nice discussion!!

I think i came to this site either in 2008 or 2009!! i was looking for diabetes support in some form and came across this "DC" malark!!I have to be honest i was in a desperate state of denial and depression over my diabetes !! it became breaking point and i needed somewhere to go !! i posted up a discussion and was completely overwhelmed by the responses!! i made instant friends who offered advice, allowed me to vent, and listened to what ever i had to say!!

What keeps me on the site?? well i suppose i have friends here who i would miss terribly if i was to leave!! its a support system that helps me deal with my condition, the highs the lows, the changes and everything else in between!! I have friends who i can relate to and each one of them are caring and have a deadly sense of humour! Some of these people are a big inspiration who everyone needs, especially during times of isolation! its also nice to share your own personal success stories to people who give a toss!!!

The one very best thing that this site brought to me is my very own "recognition " of my diabetes. I think im able to accept it alot better now that i have others supporting and watching my back!! Ive almost become proud that i am a member of this community!! if i didnt have diabetes i wouldnt have found all my diabetty friends here in the first place!

COME ON DC!!!!! wooop woooop!

Tess K.
Tess K. 2012-01-16 12:07:04 -0600 Report

Diabetes brought me here. I haven't been here for quite some time and for some reason I have a renewed desire to change my living and life habits. I need help and I hope I can find support here.

Caroltoo 2012-01-16 12:17:46 -0600 Report

Hi, Tess! Support is something we do well. Glad you found your way back to d.c. It's has been encouraging to me to be among people like myself, who truly believe that — while we all acknowledge the ups and downs, the trials and successes of dealing with diabetes — we can live happier, healthier, more successful and complete lives than we have been led to believe. If you want, why don't you start a discussion framed around the things in your life that you think you would like to change and see what input you get from this lively and thoughtful bunch! Welcome, back! Carol

Young1s 2012-01-15 13:23:57 -0600 Report

Great discussion topic, Carol. What brought me to DC was the search for information about Metformin. I had heard about its side effects from my doctor and wanted to hear firsthand from people who were currently taking it. I found a lot of informational sites but this was the only one I clicked on that had actual discussions. I was amazed at how many there were and how open everyone was about their experiences. That's what brought me hear but I didn't join right away.
About a week or so later, my doctor scheduled for me to meet with the diabetic nurse. It was then she would show me how to inject insulin. I've never liked needless so I was more than nervous about being responsible for sticking myself. So once again I turned to DC and once again was impressed by the discussions. This time I joined.

What keeps me here is very simple. All of you. I've learned and am still learning so much about D and what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I know I wouldn't have come this far on my own. I certainly wouldn't confident in knowing I can do this, I can live life as a diabetic. Don't get me wrong, my doctor, my D team, is great. They never leave me in the dark about my health, they listen to my concerns and they don't beat around the bush in warning me of the consequences of slacking of too much too often. But I only see them once or twice a week, if that (down from practically every two days in the beginning). Its coming here and interacting with the family that keeps me grounded and strong in my determination to get the better of my D and keep it that way.

I've made fast friends with you all. Given our ages, social circles, geographical locations, you name it this may not have been possible in the real world. But through the miracle of the internet we're defying the odds. The support I receive and genuine concern I feel for my well being is indescribable. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. And it's this family and these friendships that is the best thing that has happened to me since joining. My love to you all and be blessed.

Caroltoo 2012-01-15 14:52:16 -0600 Report

Thank you, Pat. I suspect I may be speaking for all of us when I say that brought tears to my eyes. You have given much to each of us in the process also. I, too, feel endebted to you and others.

What you say about your D team also impresses me. I'm beginning to realize just how lax my doctor was in the beginning by letting me go 2 months before anything was done. Thankfully, no longer an issue cause I have a new doc who follows-up and will refer me where ever I want to go. She is supportive.

dietcherry 2012-01-14 21:09:01 -0600 Report

Oh this is fun Carol!!!!

I dont remember how I found DC; as I like to say, DC found me!

I stay here to help others. I still remember the scared little girl I was 31 years ago when I was told I had T1 and there was no cure. I sometimes see myself in others who find there way here and the fear and anxiety that penetrate their words as they look for answers to why this happened.
Words cant express just how much everyones friendship means to me at DC!

Whats the very best thing thats happened to me because of this site? Why, Im never alone, of course! :)

Caroltoo 2012-01-14 21:18:59 -0600 Report

Glad to bring a little joy to your life. It is a thing of beautify, isn't it, to see that level of acceptance come with comprehension of the fact that we can live successfully with D? Thanks for sharing a little insight into yourself. Carol

granniesophie 2012-01-14 19:26:46 -0600 Report

I found this site in an ad for something else, I don't remember what it was, but I'm glad I did!
I stay here for advice, support and the friendships I have made through the years. I think I have been on here for 3 years or so, and have "met" a lot of people, and they have listened and let me vent, and ask questions and been there for me, and let me be there for them, when they needed a "virtual" shoulder as well.
I think the best thing that's happened is the friendships! You all have gotten me through some tough times, offering personal messages, and even phone numbers to talk personally and I am happy to share anything that I can of my experiences with this life long" friend" that we all share.
I especailly appreciate everything that everyone has said to make me feel better about the trials my mom is putting me and herself through-it is so nice to have people who understand and have such great input!

And-thanks, Carol ;)

Caroltoo 2012-01-14 19:35:24 -0600 Report

Seems like we are all saying we came for various informationally related issues and we stayed because of the people, support, and friendships that we found here.

Interesting to me to see the many ways we arrived and all found our real need was something else!!

I really do think your mother must have known mine and we are sisters under the skin. :)

Nick1962 2012-01-14 18:56:03 -0600 Report

Why did I come here? I was looking for some assistance for a friend who is diabetic and has yet to come to terms with it. He won’t listen to me, so I figured an unbiased opinion was needed. The very first post I read sucked me in because it was exactly me at that stage, and thought I could help. I owe people a lot of help for what has been given me.
What keeps me here? Silly question, you do Carol. And James and Howe and Patricia and byrun and Cherry and MewElla and Gabby and meowbat and Red Flower, oh this may take a while. This is a party you can walk into at any time, get handed a cup of cheer, have an intelligent discussion, or just trade stories. Someplace where someone always has a good verbal bandage for whatever heart “booboos” you get. A family where no one argues, and takes anyone in off the street.
What’s the best thing that’s happened to me here? See response #2, and I’ll add, everyone needs a place like that.

Young1s 2012-01-15 18:53:37 -0600 Report

You ARE a sweetheart Nick. To hold me in regard with such company is flattering to say the least. Given the extent of their knowledge, experience and expertise on the subject of D (and life), I'll always feel like the new kid on the block. And your right, the list is far too great to name them all but that doesn't make the importance of their tireless support any less. You're certainly amongst many of ours, as well. BTW: "verbal bandage for the heart booboos", you gotta love that.

dietcherry 2012-01-14 21:47:58 -0600 Report

Youre just a big sweetie!! When I read your last sentence, I couldnt help but sing the theme song to the TV show Cheers but instead of "name" I Freudian-slipped and belted out "pain"!! lol

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-01-14 20:03:04 -0600 Report

Thank you and we love having you here and your contributions as well. Diabetes can bring a whole lot of new, scary, and baffling problems that at times (usually most) only another diabetic can understand. It's for sure one of the family members has gone through it. Giving you love right back:)

Caroltoo 2012-01-14 20:20:27 -0600 Report

You gave me one to think about recently, Darlene. Some of your descriptions of gastroparesis fit some things I'd experienced recently. Now knowing what it is, led me to take a warm relaxing bath which I followed with some stomach massage from upper left to lower right which seemed to help significantly. I did have to check an anatomy book to see which side the stomach empties into the intestine on (your right, if you want to try this also).

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-01-16 03:55:06 -0600 Report

I'm glad it worked for you. If you think you have gastroparesis too, then have a dr test you to make sure it's not something else. I would give almost snything not to have it.

Caroltoo 2012-01-16 12:23:42 -0600 Report

Frankly, gastroparesis is a thought that had never occured to me until after you and I were talking. I knew I had stomach issues, well, digestive issues, and had recently cleared many of them up be adjusting my diet to be gluten free. When the intestines were do longer a roiling coil of pain, was when I realized something else was happening with the stomach. I will talk with her the next time I am in, but will work wholistically in the meantime. There isn't a known cure for it, is there?

re1ndeer 2012-01-14 18:13:23 -0600 Report

1. I came to this site also, by accident. I was searching through a web site that gave points if you would look at different things on there site. This site was listed, and since I was a diabetic, I wanted to check it out.

2.Learning new things and meeting new people, have kept me on this site, now a little over 1 year.

3.There are several things that I consider the best, since I've been here. So many people with more experience with disease that I can learn from. Different foods to try, from the fabulous recipes given by many members.
Meeting and discussing issues of people who are new to this disease. There are so many more, but these are a few of them.

Caroltoo 2012-01-14 18:19:43 -0600 Report

Thanks for sharing this re1ndeer. Yes, the foods and recipes are another of my favorites also. I also enjoy helping others learn how to cope with this disease in a positive manner. It's a challenge which I've taken to heart and want to help others to do the same. So very different from my first thought … that it was a death sentence; it's an annoyance that can be overcome!!

Caroltoo 2012-01-14 17:41:44 -0600 Report

My responses are:

1. I came to the site by accident. I was looking at an ad for a free meter because I was having trouble affording my test strips. When I discovered the site, I decided to check it out as a source of information.

2. Once I got on the board, I realized the people here are a tremendous source of encouragement and support. I stay on the site because of friendships I have developed that mean a great deal to me.

3. Friendships of accepting and loving people who are also hurt and hurting, but want the very best for each person they speak with are the very best thing that has happened to me on this site. I love the way many of you look beyond your own immediate pain and anguish to try to help others. To me, this is the essence of humanity and what we as people are to all be doing.

With thanks and love to you all for what you have given to me in this brief 3 month period.