Have You Googled Your Name/User Name???

By Richard157 Latest Reply 2008-11-15 11:25:13 -0600
Started 2008-11-07 18:50:40 -0600

Have you folks ever googled your user name used here on Diabetic Connect? You might even try your real name as well. When I google my user name "richard157" I get about 10 pages of ifo about me. My profile info on several sites is there. So people can see where I live, etc. I am a member of eight diabetes support groups. Some of the posts I have made on several of those sites are on Google. There is NOTHING I can do about that. That is why I am careful to never say anything I do not want to appear on Google for the whole world to see. I know someone who was banned from one of my sites. If you google his name you can see that he was banned.

I noticed the discussion today concerning our new president. If you respond and say something negative it may pop up on Google. You might also try MSN and Yahoo too and find even more posts you have made on the sites to which you belong.

There are "spybots" that comb all the websites and grab certain info and transfer it to Google, Yahoo, etc. So we have lurkers named "Googlebot", "Yahoobot", etc. They are there waiting. Be careful what you say friends.

Hmmm! I wonder if this post will appear on Google??? Lol!

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DonnaAnn 2008-11-09 04:23:17 -0600 Report

how exactaly did you do that. I tried it on myself and it did not work.

RobinLaurain 2008-11-15 10:16:20 -0600 Report

Type your name in any search engine. If you have a popular name, such as Jane Smith, you may wade through thousands before you find your own. My name is not popular, so it comes up rather quickly. I usually use google, yahoo, aol, dogpile, and ask.

RobinLaurain 2008-11-08 22:17:31 -0600 Report

There is no way to be anonymous in the world anymore. I found on Google something I wrote in 1985, long before Google was alive. People magazine decided to archive it's editorials. Was I surprised to find that after all these years! My nieces google me and read what I write so I try to keep it family-friendly. I had a friend who found out that someone we went to school with had an adult site. I went to it out of curiosity forgetting the bots may follow me there. That will be interesting to explain to my family! LOL!

sparkysmom 2008-11-08 18:56:57 -0600 Report

I have never posted anything anywhere that I don't want read. The Government knows all anyway so I'm not worried. I don't think too many folks are going to google me anyway and if they do I just don't care.

kdroberts 2008-11-08 21:41:48 -0600 Report

You got that right with the government. What people can find out about you via google pales into comparison to what the government has access to via the USA PATRIOT act.

Richard157 2008-11-08 16:09:30 -0600 Report

I am pleased to hear that our profile information here is private and will not appear on Google. Some of my profilrs on other diabetes sites DOES appear on Google. I am also concerned that the fact that one my friends was banned on one site appears on Google. He did not really do anything all that bad but it being spelled out that he was banned on Google makes it seem much worse than it is. There ought to be someone we could contact at Google to get personal info deleted. I wonder if that is possible.

caspersmama 2008-11-08 11:36:30 -0600 Report

Well, I do not know about all of you guys but I do not like it at all. I googled myself and it shows alot I would rather people not know what online sites I belong too or what sites I do surveys for. No, I do not like it at all. Frankly it is none of peoples business what I belong too. It is a personal matter that I should not be afraid of. I belong to alot of surveys sites that I get paid by and I think that is wrong. Sorry, guys. I do not like it and certainly do not think it is funny.

Lee Ann - 22107
Lee Ann - 22107 2008-11-08 12:05:48 -0600 Report

Do you really think there are people out there that interested in what you do online? I'm pretty sure most people have better things to do than google people's names. Have all of you sat and googled people's names other than your own? The only people I've ever googled are people I used to know and wanted to try and find - people I went to school with or knew at diabetes camp, not for malicious purposes, just to see what had happened to them and if I could get in touch with them. Don't use your real name or your photo if you think there are people that interested in you who you don't want to find you.

RobinLaurain 2008-11-08 22:22:14 -0600 Report

You would be surprised how many people google people. That is why "google" is used as a verb. I google people all the time when I am considering being friends with them, dating, doing business, have read something interesting about them or by them. It is a good way to find out if someone is a phony or not.

Lee Ann - 22107
Lee Ann - 22107 2008-11-09 00:18:22 -0600 Report

Oh, no, I'm well aware there are people who do that, but as long as one is posting stuff they don't mind their friends and acquaintances knowing, then I don't think there's a need to be as paranoid about it as some people can get. If I have something I don't want anyone to know about, I don't post it. If people out there are so interested in me that they want to google me, I have nothing to hide. Personal things I talk about online (relatively speaking), I share because I want to help others or get help, and if someone wants that info to use against me in some way, then they aren't anyone I want to associate with anyway. Everyone has to decide how to handle the public nature of the internet for themselves though, and that's just my slant on it.

Lee Ann - 22107
Lee Ann - 22107 2008-11-08 11:23:54 -0600 Report

My real name and photo are on my blog - although until I posted a couple of things about the election this past week, it had all been diabetes-related. Nonetheless, it's plenty of personal stuff. I think the good I've done to help people by speaking about my experience far outweighs the bad I might have done to myself, and I'm fine with that. Beyond that, I don't really think anyone cares enough about what I post on the internet to hunt that info down for malicious purposes. The only people I can think of that might be that morbidly curious are people I used to know and have lost contact with for whatever reason, and why would I care about that?

GabbyPA 2008-11-08 11:13:20 -0600 Report

I have googled myself and I was amazed at what I found...and what was associated to me that is not really me. It is like trying to find a person on line. there are 100's of people that share names and screen names, so sometimes it isn't even you....what a Big Brother we have out there. But as said, there are a lot of ways to get around that kind of stuff. Never use your real name, and don't use your last name. And it is true, if you don't want people to read something you post, don't post it anywhere.

highlandcitygirl 2008-11-08 10:55:02 -0600 Report

it is good to know protective measure's have been put in place. i have my very first computer and i am having fun with it. at the same time i don'twant to do anything stupid.

TRKnight2007 2008-11-08 10:02:34 -0600 Report


Before you get too worried, your assumptions are only partially correct. Since this Discussion is publicly available on the site, you are correct that it will be indexed on Google. However, all of Diabetic Connect's profile information, including any personal information (real name, address, email, etc.) is password protected (i.e. you have to login to see this information). Since it is password protected, it cannot be indexed by Google. As long as you do not use your real name here and you use an alias such as "Richard157", your privacy is intact. We discussed this issue quite a bit when this site was in its inception. While other diabetes boards and sites allow Google to index every single page, we made the conscious decision to password protect any personally identifiable member information so you cannot be "Google'd" based on any information that you divulge on this site.

As a test, you can Google my username. I am in the top 20 contributors to the site. I have started 15 Discussions, replied to 93 Discussions and have contributed many recipes, videos and news stories. I challenge you to find my real name through Google.

If you still have doubts, you can always go into Privacy Manager and lock all of your personal settings to "No One".

Hope this helps.

kdroberts 2008-11-08 10:49:42 -0600 Report

Exactly. Common sense should be your guide. Anything you post in a message is public, anything that's behind the password is not. Aside from google and others indexing pages and analyzing keywords to make sure the searches are correct there are many other things out there to comb sites and pull info off for less than legal or dubiously legal things. Eg harvesting email addresses to put on lists to sell to spammers. Use common sense and you'll be fine. There is plenty more information people can find out about you via public records (SSN, credit record, driving record, address, how much you paid for your house, birth record, where you work, how much you earn, how often you pay taxes, how much tax you pay, police record plus many others) that posts online is not really any worse.

caspersmama 2008-11-08 08:55:22 -0600 Report

wow, i had no idea. Orville's book is coming true. Big Brother is watching you. Now it makes you not want to say anything on anywhere.

highlandcitygirl 2008-11-07 18:58:43 -0600 Report

good grief! now my parinoia is going to grow worse! when i was in high school, about a zillion years ago we read books that described these days. wow!

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