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does anyone get really tired? my BSL's (BGl's ) are usually 10 to 13 mmol (just started Metformin) but i feel like i have sleeping sickness - i do shift work - which seems to have become harder to do since i was diagnosed - but maybe that's just in my mind (my one brain cell does get confused eaily :) ) I can sleep for 24 hours and still be tired - i work full time but am now sleeping all of my days off … :( is it just me?

Also … just to thriow this out there. I remember all these studies a while ago saying that artificial sugar substitutes were carcinogenic in the long term - but that trials were continuing - soooooooo we give up sugar cos of the diabetis and get cancer :( sigh…

as to motivation… if i was awake more than an hour a day …maybe i could get some … I have tried fighting the tiredness - have the bruises and cuts to prove it form wehre i have fallen over lol

and is it just me … or do i suddenly hurt more… everything hurts and when i get a cut instead of healing - it goes bad on me …sigh…

Soooo is this diabetis? or am i just getting old :)

big hugs to those who want them

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phoenix777 2012-01-16 12:12:19 -0600 Report

thanks for your reply :) I have seen Dr about it - wht no success - had a CT scan cos i have an osteoma in my head at the front only small though (overgrowth of bone - called a tumour but thats a scary word - very slow growing- thank heavens) had blood tests all normal - doesnt feel like depression …but hey…who knows… thought maybe it was the diabetes…going back to dr again to see what she says but not hopeful of any outcome - but thank you - its nice to not be alone in this :) have a wonderful day :)

jayabee52 2012-01-10 12:54:12 -0600 Report

a lot of questions, Jacky. ((((Hugs)))) right back at ya Jacky!

To answer the easiest one first, Yes cuts take longer to heal when one has diabetes. Especially when the BG levels are way high. But age also seems to slow down one's healing abilities.

The excessive tiredness is something for which you will need to see a Dr. Excessive tiredness for no apparent reason could be caused by an number of things. Some of those things may be on your list of medical conditions in your profile like Depression, or perhaps it means a tumor has devekoped in the sleep center of your brain. Sleeping that long and waking up still tired could be a major symptom of a medical challenge yet to be Dx'd.

Please drag yourself out of bed and get to your Dr for tests. The sooner you discover what it may be (or may not be either) the sooner you can take action to do something about your problem.

My late bride "Jem" used to sleep 20 out of 24 hrs because she had CHF which manifested often as tachycardia. Her Drs addressed her "tachy" and she returned to a more normal sleep schedule.