Is there a journal you recommend?

By pixsidust Latest Reply 2013-02-09 18:10:51 -0600
Started 2012-01-09 14:12:40 -0600

I think I need to journal and keep a tighter watch on myself to achieve some goals, of better numbers, weight loss, exercise & calories burned.

Is there any you would recommend to suit the purpose?
Do you know of any that combine all of the things we watch in one place? Should I just use an empty book?
What do your journals look like? What do they contain?

I have seen free downloads but actually think the ink in my printer costs "more" than buying something.

I am sure open to ideas and ways to chart.
Is the an online application that can be used for a regular computer not just a phone? Being unemployed I do not have a cell phone right now.
Thank you ahead of time!

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Gwen214 2013-02-09 15:08:35 -0600 Report

Regular notebook, but if you don't mind spending more there are exercising/health wellness journals on also different apps

pixsidust 2013-02-09 18:10:51 -0600 Report

I ended up getting an exercising/health wellness journal in the clearance section of Barnes and Noble. Now i just have to use it! I just moved and am up to my ears in boxes. I do not have much energy or feel well all the time so its slow going

JSJB 2012-01-11 04:29:17 -0600 Report

I have a small 6 ring note book and I keep track of my carbs, blood sugar and exercise. I take a reading every morning at 4am. If it goes up I can see what I ate the night before and then try to change it. So far I have found out that cheese and peanut butter make my reading the next morning go up. I did not eliminate those two items just reduced the amount I eat. But this little journal I have is healpful. The hardest part is that I LOVE TO EAT.

teresa.still77 2012-01-10 13:27:57 -0600 Report

I went to Wal-Mart and got lined notebook paper and a diabetic count book to look up fresh items that don't come with labels $6.98. I start at the top of the paper with day and date, 1600 calories, 20 fat, 180 carb, 5 protein items. Under that, I put what I ate and the breakdown across the line. I keep a running total so I know how much I have consumed and can tell at a glance how much I have left. I keep my daily information sheet inside the notebook that my diatician gave me.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2012-01-12 15:40:42 -0600 Report

Just exactly what I did, I journal in a spiral notebook so they stand side by side in a fairly small space. My journal is not what I keep records in, my thoughts go into my journal. By my records is what teresa.still77 spoke of. There are beautiful leather bound blank paged books for the same thing a 3 ring notebook and spiral notebook can do. Depends on how much you wish to spend. The leather bound books you can find in bookstores. Hugs, Valentine Lady

pixsidust 2012-01-12 17:15:41 -0600 Report

For just recording numbers I won't pay for leather
My writing, yes. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
You are loved and appreciated

Young1s 2012-01-10 19:50:57 -0600 Report

When my nutritionist first saw my book she told me that I was doing to much too soon. I told her that in order for me to get my numbers under control, I had to attack it as if I've been doing this all my life. No building up to it or easing into it, but full steam ahead. Now I will admit the writing does get tedious, but I like seeing my progress and failures all written out like that.

pixsidust 2012-01-10 19:53:54 -0600 Report

My numbers are controlled. I just want to look at everything and see how the weight loss fits with the full picture of my life, eating calories burned, glucose levels etc…

Young1s 2012-01-10 20:08:28 -0600 Report

Exactly. There's nothing like seeing in all laid out in black and white. Very effective for me. Especially when it comes to my levels.

Caroltoo 2012-01-09 21:45:38 -0600 Report

When the spirit moves, I've created one on the computer. I do it for a while, realize it's too detailed and slack off.

Young1s 2012-01-10 12:13:37 -0600 Report

Me too please?

Caroltoo 2012-01-10 12:35:43 -0600 Report

Please send my your personal (off-site) email address via an email here onsite and I will be happy to do so. It's just a whole bunch of stuff that I look at periodically, but would be easy enough for you to change to fit your interests.

Set apart
Set apart 2012-01-10 15:55:30 -0600 Report

I have a cool form that works for me that my Excel computer whiz friend created for me based on my needs. Send me your personal email and I will send it to you, if you don't mind. Louise

Young1s 2012-01-09 19:47:41 -0600 Report

Excellent question Christy. For now, I keep those things in a few lined notebooks. I like writing things out but sometimes it can be taxing or long. I've been considering creating a word document, since I'm on the computer a lot. Seems like that would be easier. I agree with you though. While that would be convenient, printing out pages is more expensive that buying the $1.99 notebooks. And heaven forbid I decide to print in color. I hope someone has a better answer for you, as I am curious about this myself.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-09 19:59:57 -0600 Report

pc you can journal on a computer, get a flash to save it and that way you won't lose it if your computer crashes. I have a Kodak printer that uses pigment instead of ink and it is cheaper. If you get your ink at Staples, sign up for the rewards program and earn credits for the ink cartridges you return.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-01-09 14:31:11 -0600 Report

HI christy, I use to journal years ago until I knew they would be needed for a court case and I burned them. My private thoughts did not need to be made public. I used plain books that I found in Staples, Office Depot or Wal-Mart. I bought a new one last year at the Flea Market that is leather with a leather tie closure for 5 bucks from a book vendor. I saw some really pretty ones in Tuesday Morning last month. I like the thick ones with lined pages but you can use a ringed notebook. They have some really cute ones these days. You could also buy a ring binder to use for your tracking information. In Excel you can build a spread sheet for each week or month, print it and put holes in it and put in your binder. You can also save it on a flash drive should you need to send it to your doctor. Then use the journal for your wonderful inspirational thoughts, your bucket list or anything you choose.

You can make it what you want it to be. You can take a few pages to use to track weight loss/gain calorie intake/burned and exercise. If you have a pedometer you can track your steps. The ones I kept contained my inner most thoughts, poems, quotes, items I wanted to remember. I think I will get back into doing that soon.

pixsidust 2012-01-09 18:15:17 -0600 Report

Thanks! I know there are a lot of them out there that are so pretty
I do think that I may need to go the empty book route but did not know if there were any geared for Diabetics. Something that might have charts in it already

I weighed this morning, ate more rigidly with less carbs. I am low right now but am bringing it up slowly. My goal is to be like James and manage this with diet. I cut my metformin in half and have not gone above 100. I really want less toll on my kidneys. I want to lose 10lbs per month. Hopefully thats realistic!

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