Gustatory sweating

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Does anyone have any advice for treatments of gustatory sweating. Every time I eat I begin to sweat on my forehead and the back of my neck. This is my first time posting something… Let me know.
Thanks, Christine

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Daisygirl0822 2016-09-13 21:52:43 -0500 Report

I have the same issue…is there a treatment? Plus I need help controlling my blood sugar…NO matter how hard I try it is everywhere. Then I just quit trying. Can anyone help? Anyone have an extra pancreas that's in great condition? ☹

Kasuebohn 2018-01-29 00:46:07 -0600 Report

I sure hope you have found out by now what is happening to you. But I feel a need to reply, cause my daughter is going through this now. It can be a different reason than hers, of course. She was just diagnosed with end
stage renal failure. I have been researching. It's from nerve damage in the cheek. as something to do with neuropathy. Her blood sugars are not controlled either. I just know her uncontrolled blood sugars caused her neuropathy. For awhile she has been sweating profusely when eating. And 2 weeks ago, she was admitted to icu. Then diagnosed with end-stage renal failure.Anyway. I came across an article bout a man that was having the same symptoms. He was diabetic. Been on dialysis for 3 years & last 6 months is when he started sweating while eating. I would definitely check kidneys. I hope & pray you are ok. If by some chance you get this reply, please let me know. I'd like to know how you are doing. Look me up on facebook. My name is Kari Bohnstead

cfsmile 2012-01-11 18:20:49 -0600 Report

Wow … Thanks for the responses every one This really does work!!! I wasn't sure. Its so great to really connect with other diabetics!! Regarding
the GS… My doc said to use a strong deodorant and rub it on my forehead and neck. Weird huh? I was just wondering if these was comman among other diabetics?

I'm so exited about this app. Thank you all for sharing!!! And I love that a lot of you share some hope and faith ;)


annesmith 2012-01-15 23:46:07 -0600 Report

Man, your doctor said to use a strong deodorant and rub in on your forehead and neck? Boy, I can't believe it…you'd better get another doc. When I said I can't believe it, I did not mean I don't believe you…that doctor is not competent. Geez…if he had said that to me, I'd get up and walk out…in fact, I'm laughing..ha, ha, ha. I mean, geez…anybody could have said something more competent than that. I am having problems with sweating now, too. Last night, I went to bed, and sweated half the night..bad. I walk and run, but when I eat a whole supper at night, which I never used to, I break out in sweats . I am glad I am not the only one..someone said it's part of nueropathy…that's what I thought. I have found that running helps a lot, but the problem is is that a person can't just stop in the middle of eating and go run outside..that would cause a low probably. I have noticed that I sweat more during my monthly—right before it…I would get a new doctor, and good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!—-ANNE

maxshockwave 2012-01-08 13:16:03 -0600 Report

Yes, I have that too, don't like it much - use a fan when face heats up, my bedroom also has an A/C unit separate from the central air, my room stays cooler/all the time!

jayabee52 2012-01-08 01:16:51 -0600 Report

Howdy Christine WELCOME to DiabeticConnect!

I hadn't heard this term before and I had not seen this discussed here in the 3+ years I've been here. I looked up Gustatory sweating, on google and there is not much out there. Here ~ ~ is an article on this subject.

Some of the other hits I got on Google said something about Botulism toxin being used on this, but when I got there only the English abstract of an article in Danish was available.

I have noticed something similar after I eat, but rather than sweating, my sinuses flow heavily. They don't always flow like that after I eat, but I think I will need to write down what I am eating and see if is triggered by a specific food that I am eating.

I pray this helps you

To your better health


Dolcedb 2014-07-15 06:09:51 -0500 Report

James your symptoms relate closely to mine. I have noticed lately that when I think about preparing food, without even taking a bite, I begin to sweat profusely under my eyes, my forehead and indeed my whole face. Usually it is often when I eat. For years now I have tried eliminating certain foods thinking I had an allergy but have never found a common denominator. It is so severe at times that I feel as though I have a bad head cold where my nose is running profusely and my lips become dry and yet the rest of my body feels cold and I sometimes shiver. When I am in my car I aim the AC directly onto my face for relief and to dry my face. It is only today that I have gone on the internet for information and to find out if I am some kind of freak only to discover my problem actually has a name, Gustatory Hyperhidrosis I guess my next step will be to see my local doctor and get a referral to an expert and be tested for Diabetes. I think you will realise in time that it isn't a particular food that triggers this but nerve damage. It is not a common complaint and it wouldn't surprise me if my local medical clinic GP doesn't have a clue. I believe it affects 1% of the population. I wish anyone dealing with this the best of luck as well as the best of advice including myself. Carrol

pixsidust 2012-01-08 01:15:33 -0600 Report

Gustatory sweating or Frey's syndrome is another presentation of autonomic neuropathy.[6] Gustatory sweating is brought on while eating, thinking or talking about food that produces a strong salivary stimulus. It is thought that ANS fibres to salivary glands have become connected in error with the sweat glands[7] after nerve regeneration. Apart from sweating in the anhidriotic area of the body, it can produce flushing, goosebumps, drop of body temperature - vasoconstriction and paresthesia. Aberrant gustatory sweating follows up to 73% of surgical sympathectomies[8] and is particularly common after bilateral procedures. Facial sweating during salivation has also been described in diabetes mellitus, cluster headache, following chorda tympani injury, and following facial herpes zoster.

Here is the rest of the article

Here is another article
Diabetic Gustatory Sweating: Discussion

It does not seem like there is much of a cure just some symptom relief
I am so sorry you are going through this!

jayabee52 2012-01-09 02:18:38 -0600 Report

Christy, from what I read Gustatory sweating is a different condition than Frey's syndrome. GS occurs on all sides of the face and head (as I recall) Frey's' is only on one side of the face.

Caroltoo 2012-01-08 00:03:41 -0600 Report

Hi, Christine,
I don't believe I've seen that question here before. I do sometimes feel hot when I eat and try to eat more slowly and drink water with my meals. I really hadn't associated it with diabetes though it could relate to a sudden change in BG level. Interesting thought. I'll be interested to see what others share. Thanks for posting this.

annesmith 2012-01-15 23:49:59 -0600 Report

I get really hot before my monthly..about 5 days before, and my blood sugars soar into the 300s and keytones, then, after my monthly, my blood sugars DROP dramatically lower—down into the 60s…ANNE

Caroltoo 2012-01-16 00:10:28 -0600 Report

Wow. That is a huge variation.

annesmith 2012-01-16 01:03:28 -0600 Report

Yeah…it seems to be aging me a little faster. I am glad that I am 41 years old, and not older, because I figure now once I get a new endo I can get a stronger hold on it. It's complex, that's for sure…ANNE

Caroltoo 2012-01-16 12:36:03 -0600 Report

Sounds like an encouraging plan. You have time. I was 59 when diagnosed and have never felt I was "too old" to take charge of my health or attitude…probably why most people don't realize I am on the slippery slope towards 70. Amazes me sometimes, too.