type 1 diabetes and attention deficit disorder

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I have type 1 diabetes and have attention deficit disorder. I am going for testing and want to know what ADD medications are best for Type 1 diabetics.
Does anyone have any advice for me?


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jayabee52 2012-01-08 03:02:17 -0600 Report

Howdy Diane, WELCOME to DiabeticConnect. sorry you qualify for inclusion in out "litte" family but since you do, it is good you're here.

I have T2 diabetes (16 + yrs) and have had ADHD all my life. Just Dx'd formally in June 2009. I have not been on ANY meds for ADHD for my whole life. I just have learned to adapt to my ADHD without meds and now I am disabled (for kidney issues) and I decided that I won't put another med into my system (for ADHD) unless absolutely necessary. But that is just me.

Are you aware of the sister site to DC? Go to the top border of this page and on the RH side mouse-over the link "visit other communities". Find ADHD listed in the drop-dowu menu and click it. You can then log-in using your email and password just like you do on DC. They're more up on the ADHD meds there than am I.

Tell Brian that James (jayabee52) sent you!

Blessings to you and yours


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