living a life as a diabetic

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when you are a diabetic type 2 and the doctor tells you not to eat this and that such as sweets it just makes it soo hard and tempting that it you crave for a brownie or a bif piece of cake, But i have already been diabetic for a year and a half and i have been handleing it verry well. But i can say i do soo pperfect beocuse its not possible we are human beings god made us who we are and possible is impossible. I can say every once and a while here and there i eat something with sugar and man… that makes my blood sugar wacky. But what i do to bring it down is i exersize by running, ride my bike, play the xbox kinect i do anything to bring it down. Just recently i have learned to give insuling in the stomach and it didint hurt at all but the next day i might see a bruse but it doesent hurt its just becouse of the needles hitting the same spot constantly. My mom and dad and other family members such as my god parents they have been there for me since i was a baby. And when we found out that i was a diabetic i was not too exited about it either at first i didint know really what a diabetic was but when the nurse told my mom i looked at her and she was crying soo i began to cry but i told her its not her fault she did everything she could to keep me healthy and i love her becouse of that. And the doctor told my mom that my blood sugar was high and it was about 500-600. They rushed me to the hospital and gave iv`s and it was painful becouse i didint know what was happening at first. But now im doing verry well thanks to my Doctors, My mom Mayra, my Dad Fernando, My god mother Deborah, My god father David, My god brother Kevin, My sister Cayla, My Sister Jessica, My cousins Shanessy and Darren, And my uncle Matt. I love them all and thanks to them im doing my best to help my selph and teach other diabetics it is important to do their best in their blood sugars.

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digitaldoorbell 2012-01-07 00:03:11 -0600 Report

We all learn from each other in different ways. Your post was very inspiring. Yo said it best, "teach other diabetics it is important to do their best in their blood sugars."

All the best

Young1s 2012-01-06 08:58:10 -0600 Report

Thank you for sharing that with us. I think it is wonderful that you have come to terms with your diagnosis and have been dealing with it so well. It sounds like you have an excellent support team. That really helps a lot. I, too, eat things that are on my no-no list. But like you said, we're not perfect (only human) and some mistakes are acceptable. Just not too many of them in a row. Hang in there sweetie because you're doing great.

berrykins0 2012-01-06 07:45:09 -0600 Report

glad to hear things are going well for you and your reltives us diabetics can have sugarfree products but don't over do it cause yuo will need to go to the restroonm a little mor thsn you want if you know what i mean by that. i eat this stuff in moderation some people can't tolrate this stuff but were all different what we can and can't eat take care.

GabbyPA 2012-01-05 17:08:53 -0600 Report

This is a great story Jessy. It sounds like you are doing so well with it and so grown up for your age to deal with it. Keep that going. Don't put yourself in the hospital and keep on exercising. That really is the magic bullet for getting levels to drop.

littlejessy 2012-01-05 13:13:20 -0600 Report

sorry if you read the part that says bif i meant big… i was typing really fast and there might be other things that are misspelled but dont judge me becouse im a kid and im proud of being a kid thanks.

jayabee52 2012-01-05 20:49:13 -0600 Report

I am just glad and proud that you come on DC and putting out your story to the whole website. I don't type all that fast and I STILL make typos!

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