Working out? Protein shakes?

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Hey I'm just putting this out as a discussion however random it may seem.
I'm starting out at the gym and wan to go from the skinny frame I have now to a bulkier and more muscular one. However futile that prospect may seem.
I was wondering if anyone has any experience at this or any info a diabetic should know apart from obviously watching sugar levels?
Just in terms of good ways I achieve this and if protein shakes are a good option?
Like I said, just putting this out there, any reply is a good one as I'm not sure if anyone knows anything on this subject :)

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Matunuckan 2012-01-11 12:51:52 -0600 Report

Hi - I've been Type 1 since I was 5. That's about 50 years now. I've been active for most of my life. I was blessed my whole life with caring family & friends. I really wasn't over protected in my younger years. I have 3 older brothers who didn't witness too many of my insulin reactions when I was young, but they have learned a lot in the last 15 years.

I have had an extremely normal life (my wife never experienced me have a reaction until we were married for 10 years). However I became very brittle @ age 40.

Anyway, I ran, played basketball, surfed, done push-ups & lifted weights all for three decades.

I still have all my fingers & toes, probably because of this physical activity. Other than lots of eye problems & a kidnet transplant 6 years ago (from an unrelated friend), I am still in pretty good shape.

I have been on a pump for around 15 years, and it has made my life much more manageable since I can (and still am) very brittle. Everone is different in how they manage issues, including exercise, so other than checking your BG before & after working out, make sure to have glucose pills with you. I use Reli-on pills, which I get from Wal-Mart. I buy them in bulk, but I also get 10 packs, which are in plastic tubes & un-obtrusive.

Learn from your experience & use it to avoid problems. My A1C was 5.6 - 5.9 for many years, but now around 7 or so, because I can't take the activity that I used to.

Bottom line, try to maintain an active life, and TRY to do what you're supposed to, and you will be better off!

jigsaw 2012-01-09 09:01:13 -0600 Report

Anyone with kidney problems should be careful with protein intake. Other than that, I've used low carb whey protein in the passed with weight training and believe it was helpful.

buffy360 2012-01-08 17:36:47 -0600 Report

I'm learning about Herbalife products. There are many choices that might interest you. I'm taking Aloe and Fiber powder for my gut. Aloe is helping my cat even with dry skin and constipation ;-). If you don't mind me posting a link to my consultant, you can read more about it. I'll be starting a weight loss regime myself.

Young1s 2012-01-08 14:18:33 -0600 Report

Silly question: Are the protein shakes you all are talking about just for when you work out or can they be for regular daily use?

p@trick 2012-01-10 09:34:06 -0600 Report

i'm new here…but, since i was drawn to this discussion, i'll respond too. by the way, i've been a type 1 diabetic now for 18 years (diagnosed in high school). i'm a husband and a father of 4 boys (ages 7 years to 6 months). and i'm 36 years old.

pcyoung38 et al, i take a multipurpose health shake that's full of vitamins and healthy proteins. its more of a meal replacement shake, so you can maintain weight (replace one meal a day), lose weight (replace two meals a day until you get to desired weight), or use it after working out. it's low carb (7g), gluten and whey free (for those who are alergic), and tastes amazing. my kids love it as well.

i'm not sure to what degree you are aloud to share your personal successes on this forum, but if anyone is interested, i'd like to tell you about my significant decrease in sugar levels, mood swings, and insulin dose. its been amazing.

there are other similar type shakes out there, too, obviously. i'm pretty jazzed about this. it's felt like life has been close to normal for me for the first time in nearly two decades.

mind you…it still takes careful planning and good choices. there are no easy fixes out there…

Young1s 2012-01-10 11:26:08 -0600 Report

Thank you for your reply P@trick and welcome to DC. That shake sounds like it has done amazing things for you. You gave us a lot of info about the shake except the name. Would you mind sharing that? I'd be curious to see if it is sold in my area.

As for your success story, share away. You are encouraged to do so, to the extent of what your comfortability is. All we ask is that you leave any and all sales pitches at the door. Otherwise, come on in, share, and participate as you see fit.

p@trick 2012-01-10 12:37:25 -0600 Report

yes, pcyoung38…sure. it's called visalus.

here's more on my personal success. i only started on December 1st…so a little more than a month now. my usual 30-day glucose average has historically been between 160 and 180 over the last 18 years. but during the last month, it was 122. yes! 122.

every time i would test, i'd show my wife and she and i would do the balki bartokomous dance of joy because of how often it was within normal, non-diabetic range. and many of you are aware how averages can be a bit deceiving (you can look "in range" if you've had 5 lows and 5 highs b/c they balance in the middle). but nearly all of my tests were within "normal" range. i had 3 in the 60s during that time, and 2 that were around 200. the rest were between 75 and 130.

plus…i've halved my insulin dose between breakfast and lunch, mood swings are less frequent (my wife and kids can attest), and the sluggishness in body and mind that accompany the roller coaster of high and low sugar has been minimized.

i can't wait for my next a1c!!!

having said that…can i hear a "woot woot?"

final note: i understand that forums need to be monitored for obvious sales pitches from people who only want your money. i agree: that does not belong here. but seriously…if someone has 1st-hand success that can change my life—even if they are selling the product and stand to gain from it—and especially if that someone is in the same boat as me (ie, a diabetic), i want to hear about it. i welcome information on topics that will extend my life and the time i can spend with my amazing family!

Young1s 2012-01-10 19:22:10 -0600 Report

Thanks but no thanks Patrick. I applaud you on the success you are having with this product but I don't think this is the one for me. I, like James, visited the site and am inclined to agree with his suspicions. If you are attempting to recruit NEW CUSTOMERS in order for you to get free product samples for yourself, then I suggest you look elsewhere. You will have to acheive those Challenge Kit goals somewhere else.

I agree that we should be open to hearing about others success with maintaining their diabetes through both conventional or unconventional means, but not if there are clearly what seems to be alterior motives behind it. I think James has more than explained why we can't and will not allow such practices to occur. We all care too much about DC to let underhanded deeds go unchecked.

With that said, if I have misunderstood your intentions then I so sincerely apologize. But if I haven't then please go hawk you wears some place else.

jayabee52 2012-01-10 13:20:29 -0600 Report

It iis hard to say here who just wants your money and who has something which is genuinely helpful. However, this website has to survive on the advertising it sells to folks willing to pay to reach out to people with diabetes. If this website allows blatant advertising to go on for free, the folks who pay will see that and pull their ads and do what the ones who try to advertise for free and do it themselves the same way. No income for DC means the DC we know would go away as we know it. They would have to make a hard decision of whether to make this a pay site, charging subscriptions to access the content, or they would have to shut the site down completely. I would hate for either of those things to happen, that is why I try to be as good a citizen as I can here and red-flag what I think is obccene or a sales pitch. It is up to the administrators to make the decisions as to who and what to throw off the site. And in some cases, the Admin. disagrees with me because if I were making the choices some posts would be GONE big time. I don't say this critically of the Administration. Sometime I may red flag something which is questionable, but does not step over the line drawn by the Terms of Use.

If they tell about their personal success with a product and they have no vested interest in selling it, that's one thing, but I have seen testimonials and seen links to websites where someting just doesn't seem right to me.

Folks here care about one another, and if someone wants to make money off that caring, then I think that is an abuse of that caring which has been devloped between the folks here.

That's my viewpoint on the issue.

I anxiously await to hear what your next A1c will do. I pray it has gone down.
EDIT: i just visited the Visalus website. Are you one who has signed up to "Earn Financial Rewards for Promoting the Challenge"? (page 2 of the challenge website)

I have been in about 5 MLMs in my life and I am sensitized to the lingo of MLMs. Some of the words and arguments you use sound suspiciously like MLM- speak.

p@trick 2012-01-10 16:49:57 -0600 Report

thanks for your thoughts, jayabee52. i agree with you as to your sentiment above. as for your final question, i'm in the process of deciding whether or not to sell that product, based on my success with the product personally. but the thoughts i wrote above were spontaneous, and the section on my glucose numbers is factual (we didn't actual do the dance of joy, mind you). the final part, the part about selling on forums, i've never heard expressed before. it rationally occurred to me as i was about to send the post, so i paused and added it. :) have a nice evening. i just now tested my sugars and…BAM! 112. hooray. feeling good.

jayabee52 2012-01-10 17:31:00 -0600 Report

Doing the happy dance for you Patrick (BTW you may call me James if you wish. —- I've been called much worse)

I have been to numerous MLM meetings and have interacted with folks there and also with folks trying to sell on DC and it is quite similar sounding arguments they use trying to justify their selling on site, I also think they use the adjective "amazing" way too often. (When I heard of your "amazing" family It triggered me, taking me back to my MLM days, which I'd rather forget. A LOT of work and money out for nothing! ) Before you join the Visalus "opportunity" If you decide to try it, you might also want to take a look from another MLM-er who does a 3rd party review of Visalus. I am sure you will want to do your due dilligence in checking them out. The review is here ~

I don't use any diabetes medications whatever. and regularly maintain BG levels of 88 to 98. I eat a meal plan that I have devised. I have achieved an A1c of 5.5 and have lost about 50 lbs of weight since Feb 2011. It is a challenging meal plan to follow, but I like it because I no longer feed the pharmaceutical industry and not being on diabetes meds is healthier for me.

Plus I don't have to put money out of my pocket for some nutritional supplements.

jayabee52 2012-01-10 10:48:39 -0600 Report

Well patrick WELCOME to DC! You are welcome to check out DC's Terms of use (TOU) and anything that is not prohibited there is ok here. The specific place in the TOU you might want to check out is the 6th paragraph from the top where various things are prohibited. Boiling it all down, if you are here trying to sell something [see numbers (vi) and (vii) specifically in para 6]

I share information and links all the time, because I have no vested interest in making money by sharing links like someone, for example, who joined some MLM and gets a share of the proceeds of sales from his free advertising on DC. We're a friendly bunch, but if someone comes in here trying to sell stuff or services, there will be many who will "red flag" that posting.

I myself will red flag a posting and let the poster know on the discussion board why I red flagged it.

I pray that clears it up for you. Should you have further questions, ask!

Nick1962 2012-01-10 10:34:50 -0600 Report

Welcome p@trick! You're encouraged to share your personal successes here! They're learning tools for the rest of us.

dietcherry 2012-01-08 14:25:04 -0600 Report

Kevin (kirla) turned me on to whey protein powder last year because I often mentioned here how I have a problem with blood and bones so I dont eat a whole lot of meat. Anyone can use it; you can find it online, at GNC, and even at Walmart :)

Young1s 2012-01-08 15:02:38 -0600 Report

Thanks Renee. I was hoping that was the case. It would be a nice option to have for a quick and easy source of protein.

Nick1962 2012-01-08 16:10:02 -0600 Report

If I may… as a meal replacement or protein suplement, I'd recommend either an egg or casein protein rather than whey. It absorbs quicker with less carbs. Whey is great if you're building muscle, but egg (like CarbThin Zero) is carb and sugar free.

dietcherry 2012-01-08 17:02:05 -0600 Report

Where to find that Nick?
My whey protein only has 4 grams of carbs and 2 grams of sugar per serving; how much less are the others??
Im trying to maintain/build muscle as I do work out with weights :)

Nick1962 2012-01-08 17:54:29 -0600 Report

You can get CarbThin at Diet Direct
But, if as you say you're working on muscle, the whey would be better. I used it at night to prevent the morning "liver dump" before I got my diet completely figured out.
Some powders are high in carbs for folks that work out and need the energy during - like runners, others are higher in protein for muscle mass and muscle creation. Check out the article in my original post to Chris.

dietcherry 2012-01-08 18:00:32 -0600 Report

Thanks! Since Im in my 40s now I want to prevent the loss of muscle mass, since this is the decade it begins in. And I want more muscle to burn more calories, you know? ;) The whey protein actually doesnt affect my blood sugar AT ALL but dont know if that would be the case for everyone.

Nick1962 2012-01-08 18:10:35 -0600 Report

I know what you mean. I live on beef and peanuts, so protein isn't an issue with me anymore as long as I eat at my specific times. My issue with most whey powders is they came with 150 calories or more per serving, which, like I said earlier isn't an issue if you're at a good weight or someone like Chris who could stand to bulk up.

dietcherry 2012-01-08 18:16:15 -0600 Report

I choose not to eat a lot of meat so this is the perfect stand-in for me. being a T1, I could stand to gain some weight, but that will probably come in time anyway :( I actually lost weight after starting the powder and I thought twice about continuing with it because of this. Im 5'9 and 135 pounds so I dont need to lose anymore!!!

Nick1962 2012-01-08 18:39:04 -0600 Report

You've made it past 40, you're female, and don't have excess weight? I've got a feeling any weight gain would get it's butt kicked by you. I wouldn't worry :)

Caroltoo 2012-01-08 14:23:07 -0600 Report

I use the chocolate whey protein in my coffee each morning. I also make vanilla whey powder shakes with various fruit (banana, blackberry, etc.) for Wayne since he doesn't eat enough proteirn.

Young1s 2012-01-08 15:06:50 -0600 Report

Thanks Carol. I like the fruit shake idea but I'm not a big coffee drinker. I'll let you know if I try some in my tea, though. Might be an interesting change from my french vanilla creamer.

GabbyPA 2012-01-05 17:12:04 -0600 Report

I have tried all kinds of shakes and now I am going to try to combine the good parts of the ones I have and make a super shake. Back to at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. I am trying to loose weight, but gain muscle as well. As long as you keep the sugars out of your shakes, you should do quite well.

Nick1962 2012-01-06 08:33:08 -0600 Report

What do you put in your shakes? I was only specifically focusing on the OTC protein shakes and mixes like Cytosport Muscle Milk and Body Fortress Super Advanced. Way too many calories for me for the protein benefit – I needed to lose weight also. Love to hear what you’re mixing up.
CytoSport does have a Muscle Milk Light with a good 20g of protein, no sugar and 10g carbs (160 calories though). Might work for Chris if he needs to bulk and doesn’t have to worry about calories. At about $3.50 US per bottle though, I wouldn’t be living on it.

GabbyPA 2012-01-08 13:15:02 -0600 Report

I start with a protein whey and add from there. I have not come up with one for sure yet that is a combination for me, but I going to try with home made almond milk, some berries, a bit of cyanne flakes, some ginger a little chia and so on. I have yet to find the right mix, but it will come. I want to use it as a replacement for my lunch in the day.

Nick1962 2012-01-08 16:13:06 -0600 Report

Interesting. Never thought of almond milk or cayenne and ginger. You may have me re-thinking my position on supplements. Thanks!

GabbyPA 2012-01-09 07:34:56 -0600 Report

I want my shake to do several things. Protein, low carb, weight loss, muscle build, detox and keep me running smooth. LOL The almond milk gives me a little more protein, some good fats and fiber. But I only use home made.

I have an aloe concoction that is working pretty good now. Lemon/lime juice, aloe juice, cayenne, vinegar, Truvia, peroxide (food grade!!) and water. It would be ideal if I could add local honey to it, but I just can't. Honey doesn't like me at all.

GabbyPA 2012-01-11 17:54:48 -0600 Report

It is part of my internal detox. One of the things that our bodies usually are missing is oxygen and this gets some in our bodies. You have to be very careful with it and follow the dosing directions. Too much too fast is not good.

Nick1962 2012-01-09 09:25:42 -0600 Report

Interesting combination. I'm usually anti-supplement everything, but I could see where this might make for a good "cleanse" from time to time. Especially after the holidays or vacations when we need to get our body back on track again.

jayabee52 2012-01-09 08:42:27 -0600 Report

Cyan? is this a blue or bluegreen food coloring, or is it something else?

Tried looking it up in Google but the results were either the color or a software program.

GabbyPA 2012-01-11 17:55:53 -0600 Report

Yes, spelling is not so great and that one slipped by. Yes, cayenne is correct. Just a pinch of flakes in the mixture.

Nick1962 2012-01-05 10:51:03 -0600 Report

Chris, there are a lot of questions here in your few words. As a T1, talk to your doctor and a nutritionist.
First, how hard do you plan on working out? I’m not a fan of supplements as a nutritional replacement, so that said, if you’re only spending maybe an hour a day at the gym, a reasonable diet with good, natural protein (eggs, meats) intake is sufficient. However, if you intend to go full muscle head and spend six hours a day there, supplements may be necessary.

There are many types of protein shakes/supplements (whey protein, whey isolate, hydrolized whey protein, soy protein, egg protein, micellar casein protein, and those are only the six I remember), and each serves a different function. Some are fast absorbing, some slow. Some are to build muscle mass, some support and tone what is already there, and others are replacements for nutrients/proteins lost during workouts. Also, some are 100% protein, while others are usually high carb with little protein. Most are high calorie also, or contain way more sugar than are allowable for a diabetic. Marathon runners opt for the high carb version for endurance, while weight lifters may chose the higher protein ones for muscle mass increase. Most sources agree though, that unless you’re planning on becoming an “athlete” and making this a full time job, a quality, routine diet should be sufficient. Here’s a link

Exercise is necessary, so any program you commit to is a good idea. To do it right I think I’d first see my doctor and get a good set of blood tests done as a baseline. Then, start a weight training program just with your natural eating habits, but increasing your protein intake with a quick protein before workouts, and again after. All while monitoring your BG levels. Then maybe six months later, repeat the blood tests to see if your levels for protein and such have decreased. Your body will also let you know as well.

If you’re looking to build muscle, keep in mind that this is something you’ll need to maintain or you’ll just end up back where you are now. When I was your age (teens) I was a high school wrestler, had a physical job and was a solid (but short) 230 lbs. I was a tree stump. Now, 30 years later, all that bulk isn’t so pretty anymore even at 180 lbs. Bulk and muscle are not always the same thing. Most of the guys in my wrestling weight class could win a match simply by falling on me. The difference was I could push them off.

Chris92 2012-01-05 11:18:56 -0600 Report

Well to be honest I'm only working out t home at the moment but intend on joining a gym. I do about 3/4 a hour a day at home but hope to do more if I join a gym(the main reason I'm joining-motivation :p)
Looks like a hard road ahead to keep motivated and keep to a regime but I hope I can do it!
I once tried a friends shake which was body supreme whey protein which he swears by but I think I'll do as you say and stick natural to see how I can change myself on…myself.
Cheers :)

Nick1962 2012-01-05 12:11:54 -0600 Report

I’m just a T2, so I can’t speak to a T1’s diet, but I know it’s a delicate balancing act. Protein supplements in the last 20 years have really undergone some major changes. Used to be protein powder was just an additive and there was only one kind. Now, finding the right one that will work with your diet and exercise plan would be a job in itself, and some could have real negative effects. I have used pre-packaged protein drinks before as an emergency pick-up (Gatorade G series pro 3), but this was after 8 hours outside, physically working in below zero weather, no real food within an hour’s distance, and my BG was like 60. I don’t discount them totally, I have friends who live on steak, chicken and eggs, but who can afford that let alone wait to cook them. At some point you may need to use one as a replacement “therapy”.
I know what you mean about motivation though, if I didn’t have my IPod or MP3 player, I’d be lost.
Best of luck!

Chris92 2012-01-05 11:07:42 -0600 Report

You really know your stuff nick! Thanks a lot for your info and taking your time to answer back, I'll sure take on board what you've said :)