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Hay everyone im new to dis im from dublin ireland im just wondering do u all find it hard to control ur weight with injecting insuline ANY TIPS how to keep weight down

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pixsidust 2012-01-07 16:44:05 -0600 Report

Try curbing your appetite with warm tea
Eat small amounts of raw veggies through the day

I heard apple cider vinegar also helps to curb the appetite.
You can take a glass of water add two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and drink it before consuming your meal.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-01-04 16:50:59 -0600 Report

Are you type 1 or 2? What kind of insulin do you use and how often. I basically have used all the different insulins as I have juvenile diabetes (type 1) and have been a diabetic for more years then I'de like to remember:) Anyway, yes it can add weight and will if you are taking more insulin then you need. Pump users have better control, but it takes more work and pumps are not for everyone. It depends on your situation. Do you exercise and have a good daily diet? Counting carbs, etc…
You can ask me on my inbox if you have specific questions and I'll do my best to help you.

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2012-01-04 16:21:31 -0600 Report

I gained afew pounds. Talking to other insulin injectors it seem that the different types of insulins have different weight gains with some causing no weight gain at all. Talk to an endocrinologist. They are well versed in diabetes and its treatments.
Good Luck.
God Speed

lisagq926 2012-01-04 06:48:38 -0600 Report

I have been on insulin for about 7 months and I find it extremely hard to control my weight. I've gained 20 lbs and I am so hungry all the time. I would love any tips anyone can share

jayabee52 2012-01-03 03:21:51 -0600 Report

WELCOME to DiabeticConnect Jessica! Sorry you qualify for inclusion in our "little" family, but since you do I am glad you're here. This is a wonderful place to get support, and also information.

What type of diabetes do you have? If you have T2, I may have a suggestion or two for you. I found it hard to lose weight and keep it off when I was injecting even small doses of NPH insulin 2X/day.

I may have one of those suggestions I had in mind for T2s which may well work for T1s, but let us know if you are T1 or T2, and we may be able to help you.

In any case I have invited you to be my friend. Please accept my request and then we may share information via the DC mail inbox.

Blessings to you and yours Jessica!

To your better health

James Baker

alanbossman 2012-01-02 20:16:17 -0600 Report

Hi and Welcome to DC family. I take insulin (Lantus) along with metformin T2 and in 3 and 1/2 years I have not put on weight. I just watch my portion size meals and everything is low carb.

Harlen 2012-01-02 18:52:15 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome
For me I had to cut the carbs way back and it is working for me
What typ of insulin are you useing???
There seams that not all insulins work for all peaple
Hope this helps
Best wishes

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