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This is all about the family!
Writing and reading on these diabetic boards, I have often seen situations whereby unhappy situations do occur when one member gets diabetes. Be it the wife, husband or a child, the change in every day's life can cause problems. Like I read about the wife of the man getting diabetes stating that this diabetes is his business and she won't be involved in it. Or like the family I wrote about to you where in the family a little boy got diabetes requiring a daily needle and the husband refused any involvement with the treatment of the little boy, to the point that there was a marriage breakup.
Then there is the matter of what food to eat. Of cause seperate food for the diabetic can be cooked and the rest of the family eats other food. This does set the diabetic apart of the rest of the family, not ideal, right?
In our family, whenI got diabetes type-1, 51 years ago, we had two little boys and Johanna made it a rule that we all got to eat the same as what was requred for the diabetic, namely me!
The kids did grow up using minimal sweets and now that they are well in their fifties they don't like sweets which is a good thing and they never got diabetes like their Daddy.
The way we lived through the many years, is probably the best way from when the kids are still small. It might be harder when the kids are older when Mom or Dad get diabetes.
Johanna and I are married 61 years and we never had trouble eating the right foods tegether. Johanna is my food police and I love her for that. Yes, I still sin with taking some piece of chocolade from time to time and having to pay for that with high readings. Some people never learn eh?
Hope yall had a good Christmas and will have a healthy New Year.
For on the lighter side I have this little girl who wrote a letter to God. After the baby brother was born she thanked God for the brother but added, God, I realy asked for a puppy?

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pixsidust 2012-01-03 10:44:01 -0600 Report

Again you are one of my favorite people
and an example to those who worry that life can not be long or fruitful
with Diabetes…you show that it can.

I do not know your profession in life
but can say you are a story teller and your stories
I never tire of but look forward in delight for each one

My grandpa and grandma raised me
My grandpa was diagnosed at the same age as myself 55.
He changed his eating and I got to see what healthier choices were.
While we all followed his program
they indulged me in my favorite food…Noodles Romanoff
I do not think they even make that any more
I ate a box of it almost every day.
Providing was hard and he delighted in my joy of this treat.
Little did he realize that it would expand into
a craving for all kinds of Pasta…then my own Diabetes
My grandpa and I are not blood related

I am one who should have known…did know
yet I let my cravings control me
I am so thankful that my example
has not influenced my son's eating habits
For isn't that what we want for our kids…to have it better than us?

The legacy you leave your kids with is rich
I am not surprised learning to eat healthy is one of them

I believe the Diabetic Meal plan is one of the healthiest
For those wanting to diet, long before I joined
the diabetic family, I would recommend them to look at it.
Its balanced, realistic, and not a fad diet.
Its a program for LIFE…Our Life!

God Bless you and your wife of 61 Years
I take my hat off to you and salute you with pride

PS. While boys are very much like puppies did the real one ever come?

valentine lady
valentine lady 2012-01-01 16:09:04 -0600 Report

JB: Your discussion you started is heartwarming and insightful. If all of us had raised our children to not like sweets or atleast very little sweets and to eat diabetic friendly there probably wouldn't be so many problems that we have today with over weight children, so many with diabetes as well as adults. Thank you for writting such a wonderful article. Happy New Year to you, may it be a Blessed one.
Valentine Lady

Caroltoo 2012-01-01 15:16:45 -0600 Report

Thank you, JB, for sharing this. Since what we are really saying is that eating in a diabetically healthy manner is a healthy way to eat, we should all be participating. Granted, with children who are old enough to notice the difference, it is a learning/weaning process, but it can be done.

It reminds me of when my son was young and he believed: (1) cars would not start unless our safety belts were all fastened (never noticed that mom didn't turn the key) and (2) that his "cookies" were what the rest of the world called "crackers". He's 40 now, so that says how long I've been avoiding sugar!

valentine lady
valentine lady 2012-01-01 16:02:09 -0600 Report

Love this Carol. Glad to know you have been practicing good eating habits for so many years. I wish I had of. But if wishes were fishes we'd all have a big fry. But I've learned now and that's wonderful, atleast for me. I agree the above discussion is wonderful. We all should learn from it. Liked the stories about your son too. Happy New Year Dear Friend, I wish for you this year, Love, Hope, Support, Strength and Peace…Peggy