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Happy 2012! My daughter asked me one day why I keep sabatoging myself. You know we all do it. We know what we shouldn't do and we do it anyway. We know what we shouldn't eat, and we eat it anyway. We know we should lose weight, but we don't. We all know what we should be doing, but we keep sabatoging ourselves. So here I am, getting older, and stiffer, and gaining more health problems and sitting in my recliner going "woe is me." Pretty pitiful and not very bright. So a few days ago, while listening to a meditation podcast, this guy says to think of one thing, just one, that you really want to change in your life. So I thunk and thunk and narrowed it down to one thing…to get healthier. So I placed my hand over my heart and made a commitment to myself to stop sabatoging myself. Now, when I catch myself fixing to get a candybar out of the vending machine, or try to talk myself out of exercising, or whatever, I remind myself of my commitment to myself that I made for my husband, and my daughter and granddaughter and to me. It helps. So, 2012 is my journey into defeating self-sabatoge! Wish me success!!!! I wish the same for all of you!

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