What do you all think caused this?

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okay, some of you know my story, some don't. I will try to be brief. I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I started off with pills, lost all the weight, been controlling with diet and exercise very very well ever since, which has been over 2 1/2 years now, numbers always good, but I work at it, with the diet and exercise. I had a MAJOR dizzy spell this morning at the grocery store, luckily I had just chcked out, and I had two of them one right behind the other, to the point where I had to sit down. I was shaking bad. My blood sugar has never been, to my knowledge lower than about 69 or so, and that was after exercise, and I needed to eat, that was like two years ago. So I am not used to these spells, this was like it ws 'before' I was diagnosed. Anyway, it waqs 65. Now to most of you that is not too low, for me it is! They all know me there, so they asked how I was, should they call my husband, etc.. I told them I was type2 diabetic, and someone offered to get juice, I had those glucose tabs in my purse, which I have 'never' had to use until today. I immediately checked my BS, and after that, as I was chewing the tablets, I was trying to call my husband, but the shaking was too bad, and I could not do it much to my surprise. It took me a good 10 minutes or so, to really feel better. So I called the diabetes educator later on, and told her and how my numbers have been great, and I check once a day most everyday, usually eat right, etc…but that I had some more sweets lately, not a lot in one day, but a little here and there most days, a couple of times yesterday, and she said that along with not having protein this morning, is probably what caused this. I had eaten about an hour and a half before I went to the store. So now I know…it does not matter if you control by diet and exercise, this is going to happen sometimes.

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Yes, the only time I go low is when I exercise and have not eaten for 3 hours or more earlier, but I went to the grocery store once after running and walking, and I thought it would probably be alright, even though I had not eaten for about 4 hours beforehand. I had a diabetic seizure while I was standing up, felt disoriented. I never wait too long to eat ever since. I felt like hell basically after I left the store, but I recovered. I could not take my blood sugar, but I can guarantee you it probably had fallen into the 50s—-way way way way too low for me. Anything below 130 is too low for me. ANNE

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