Watching what you eat

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Ok so when I was first diagnosed almost 10 years ago I didn't want to watch what I ate and I pretty much took on the lifestyle of eat what I want as long as I take enough insulin… It's worked up until I had kids and now I'm wondering more about foods and what you all do to cook for a family… Portion sizes … And foods that lower your sugar?!!! Such a dill pickles as I recently found… Any advice or thoughts? :) .. THANKS!!

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alanbossman 2011-12-29 10:04:01 -0600 Report

skinless chicken,turkey,and fish are good choice's also cut out most white items like rice,potatoes,and white bread. You can use the plate method were 1/4 of your plate is a starch,the other 1/4 fruit and 1/2 of the plate a veg. like green beans,broccoli,and peas.

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