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I attended a diabetes expo in Minneapolis, and they wanted some of us to make videos about our lives with diabetes. I saw that as an opportunity to address the parents of type 1 children. Here is my video:

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annesmith 2012-01-02 22:39:15 -0600 Report

Once I get the video part to work on this computer, I will be able to watch videos. I HAVE A QUESTION to ask you, as you are a really good the C-Peptide test a test that can change over time? Or, is the number I got in 2009 a final number? I was wondering. Mine showed I produce on average 5-7% of my own insulin, and the doctor said on a good day, I might be producing 10%. Does this C-Peptide change over time, or is a permanent number? He said the day he gave me slow-acting insulin I was producing about 3-4% of my own insulin. I wonder if that stays the same, or if it changes? Sincerely, ANNE

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