Ive been a diabetic since 06

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but just a month ago doc added insulin also. I'm only 5 foot tall and since the insulin i'm gaining weight like crazy. And oh i just crave sweets like theres no tomorrow. And i've always been small my whole and it's about to kill me. And i only wish that this was all that's wrong with me.
In 2000 i was diagnosed Bipolar it took the doc 7 long years to get my meds right.
And i have trouble with my thyroid.
And my tryglisirides are 650.
I take 20 pills everyday + the insulin shot.
I'm only 43 years old and i'm mad about it, I feel like i've been cheated!!!

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jayabee52 2011-12-27 18:45:00 -0600 Report

Howdy sgaylej! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect. Sorry you qualify for out "Little" family, but glad that you're here spending time hanging out with us.

I feel your pain, sgaylej, because my newest bride "Jem" seemed to have a life much like yours. She didn't have the exact same problems as you do, but she was totally blind (since age 14) and had several other serious "medical challenges" (as she laughingly referred to them) — several of them potentially deadly—. She also had to take 3 or 4 shots a day (depending on what was happening with her). She also took about 25 meds in the morning, and others throughout her day.

I have a lot of medical challenges, but when she was alive (she passed from this life in July 2010) she made me feel like a man who was doing well health wise (check my profile).

One of the things for which "Jem" was well known among her friends, collegues, family and her medical care team, is the way she helped you feel. If anyone was cheated by life, I believe it was her. She had all those medical challenges, she had been rejected by several men in her life, couldn't have children because of "female difficulties" and she could not believe that I would actually take her all the way to the altar to get married.

Yet in the midst of all those disappointments in her life with her vision, her health, her inability to have children, She was such a loving and giving lady. She would ask me as we were dating, to share with her any jokes I had come across since the last time we'd spoken (we were 500+ miles apart when we first "met" online). She then asked me to send a copy of them to her, and to her brother, and to others to whom she wanted to give a giggle.

The afternoon after she passed I got a phone call from one of her many Drs. She had been scheduled to see her gastro Dr that afternoon and I had to call to cancel the appointment. The Dr called me (I had not met him previously) and told me about how Jem impressed him. She remembered his spouse's name and his children's names. She was always on the lookout for some ways to make his day brighter when she came into his clinic. I believe he spent about 45 mins sharing stories about this wonderful pixie (she was 4' 7")

I am not saying that you are not entitled to feel down about your situation. Jem did too from time to time. But perhaps you might think about ways to brighten up others' days, and in so doing enjoy life yourself.

You only go through life this once. The question you may want to ask yourself is HOW do I want to go through life? Do I want to enjoy life as much as possible? Or go through it in total misery?

How you go through your life is up to you! I know my life was IMMENSELY improved by my lovable little pixie "Jem". You can see us together in my photos on my profile.

Praying for God's richest blessings upon you and yours