Start Your Day With A Smile

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Have you ever noticed, if you are out shopping, and someone says hi to you with a big smile on their face; how good it makes you feel. If not, it is a great feeling to be acknowledged; and not be any one else but who you are. It kind of takes you out of the box of illness and pain, and into the light that other people see you in, and that smile is worth a 1000 smiles when you feel it inside, and smile back. So,if you are really brave, and I do not smile at just anyone, but you usually know, Start your day, if you are out somewhere, Take your smile with you, and try smiling first;it is the best when you get that smile back; not judgemental or pretentious, just because you are who you are, and to people you smile at (they will see you glowing) and you will feel their Warmth. :->)luv Claudia (By the way, that is my signature smile) I try to use it with all my discussions and replies.
Sorry, if I couldn't get my point across quite right, but you get the idea. And, let me know how it feels, o.k.

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I have confronted someone I have wanted to and feel good about the outcome; keep holding things in make you feel alot worse; now I feel better so maybe I will be able to start my day with a smile.

2008-11-07 05:30:05 -0600 Report

I am glad that I am not the only one that has learned that this actually works. That is great to know; esp. the part about it being taught in psychology. How cool is that?:->)Claudia

vgarrison 2008-11-06 12:42:19 -0600 Report


OMG I soooo know what your talking about. When your having a bad day and someone smiles at you, it just makes you feel better. I took a Sociology class a few months ago, and the final project was to go to the mall and smile at complete strangers and see who smiled back…it was amazing…I got a return of about 87%…

A smile can make a world of difference in anyone!!!!

Blessed Be

Olies mom
Olies mom 2008-11-06 12:42:16 -0600 Report

Very good. I try this in my job. When going to the cafeteria or walking to the bathroom, I have to pass through different department and don't really know any of those people becasue we are such a large company, that I try and smile and say hi, and you do feel better if they smile back. Everyone should try it, open up a little to the world it does make you feel better. Just listen to your own feeling about things.


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