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hello there, i am new 2 this site and was wanting 2 know if anyone out there has used diabetes books, that they have read and maybe dont want or need anymore. i am on disability and dont have money to buy any, but have seen alot of good ones here. i have alot of romance books and other kind of books i could trade for that. if anyone can help, please let me know, ty and god bless, kimmy

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I am in the same position, but you know what I do; Often our local thrift shop has a dollar a bag day, and you would be surprised how many books about diabetes, and recipes you can find. When I was physically able to get out, I went there a few times; and the rest I got off the web. Go to ebay, that is another great place to get books really-really cheap. some used, so not, and has used as well, and they start cheap. Depending on condition.

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When I first found out I was diabetic I went and got as many books as I could get my hands on. I went to Barnes and They have this wonderful thing where almost any book about diabetes they have, they have used…I got my books for as little as 1.99 per book…Good Luck.

Blessed Be

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Welcome to the community. I hope that you find all kinds of great info here and make some life long friends.

I just gave away a cookbook to a fellow member here not too long ago. Unfortunately, I don't have any more to work with, but I will check around. I am sure there are others here who would be glad for the exchange.

You can go onto at our book reviews and find some books for $1 plus shipping in the used section. Who knows, maybe one of those sellers might be willing to trade with you as well. Check that out.