A Wonderful Year

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Like most of my friends here at Diabetic Connect 2011 has been a mixed bag. I have experienced much grief and joy. I have enjoyed some progress and endured few setbacks. I have made many wonderful friends here and on other sites. I have some friends that also share other health issues with me. I just want to thank everyone for all the support and helpful advice. I also enjoy the kind words and gifts that I have received from my many friends. To me they are real and much appreciated. Living by positive principles is new to me and the support that I have received has helped me stay on course. Some people get angry and resentful by people that have a bright outlook. I have been guilty of it myself. But I know that I was wrong and I have found that by being realistic and accepting I can be quite content.
PS Thanks to all of the people that make this site possible.
PPS Remember to be kind and do no harm (I’ve adopted these words as my motto)
Happy Holidays to everyone.


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