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Hello my Dfriends just wanted to let you know I had been gone for a week. My husband took me to the Mayo Clinic. It was interesting to say the least and the first time in 4 months that I have learned from others and not so much what I've read. Four months ago when I was diagnosed my a1c was 8.7 this week it was 6.6, of course I need more ideasnas to how to lower it even more. They ran tests and checked mynthyroid for cysts that another Dr. Had found turns out there was none and to think the previous Dr. Had actually used the word cancer and a biopsy was actually conducted. They took me off the insulin for a few days and put me on metforminin to see what the pancreas would do, apparently I am on a very low dosage of insulin well as low as it is I started to rise over 200 and by th 2nd day I was over 300 and not feeling well. Turns out I will always need the insulin I got so scared I wasn't even eating carbs. It was a trial and error test and the Dr had good intentions, but my body knew what I needed. They sent my bloodwoork somewhere else and the results of this test should show just how much and if my pancreas is still working. They also said honeymoon period and gave me so much info. I was glad the insurance will pay most of the bill. They also changed my novolog as far as premeal correction goes cuz I was having some dangerous lows. I came back feeling positive although the trip also threw me off with my eating. I tried to manage but for five days at the end all I ate was protein. I feel better now trying not to let the holidays get the better of me, Happy Holidays to ALL!

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Caroltoo 2011-12-20 00:05:48 -0600 Report

Glad you are back. I hope this experience will give more information about how to better deal with your diabetes so you can live well. Very glad there is no indication of thyroid cancer.

Set apart
Set apart 2011-12-20 05:33:06 -0600 Report

Thank you, I am trying to live well it's really hard these days. I have been a bit down and I know I should be thankful for everything. These first holiday season is a bit hard though.

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